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Westchase Forest Apartments

11355 Richmond Avenue

Houston, TX 77082



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
I have lived here about 2.5 years and like all the other residents that don't like this place, everything was great upon moving in. I was so happy but then the management team changed. The wonderful manager Abbie took a different position and in came the new crew. Nothing has been ok since then. The office staff - with the exception of one lady -seems bothered to help you. The manager is NEVER available and if she happens to be on the property her door is always shut and everyone in the office tries to steer you from talking to her.<br>I have had a MAJOR ant problem for about a year and they tell me I am scheduled for monthly pest control but the bug man has come twice. <br>It is very loud by the main pool, parking is a nightmare and literally anyone can come in, making as much noise as they want and nobody seems to care. Parties go on until wee hours of the morning and you can hear people pumping their bass at 4 in the morning. I called after hours to get help and though the answering service did their job, WF did not do theirs. There is not any security guard on site, though there once was. The gates are broken most of the time. People are allowed to keep their dogs on the patio all day, with their feces in full view and though the office has been aware of this, they have done nothing. Did we mention the office staff is rude and unfriendly? None of the ammeneties they list, except the pool are here. They claim to have a gym - it is room with a few working pieces.They have a business center that did not have working computers for 9 months and the place is always crawling with kids, unsupervised.And at least one computer is always broken. And don't even get us started on the printer situation. There is a camera in there so we know they see this, but they don't seem to care. No coffee service like they claim to have. <br>This place sucks now and I want to move to a different property owned by the same the real estate co. Oh and what ever the cares team is, needs to go...they only plan activity for kids and their parents. Other ppl live here too...And it is the same thing - some breakfast thing or a party by the pool with activities of course, for the kids.<br>Maintainence crew is WONDERFUL!!! If they ran the place I would love it - on top of everything, very nice and they do their job right the first time.<br>
Westchase Forest Apartments Manager09/05/2014

We value every feedback we receive and appreciate the post. We took over this property in 2009 and hope that the past issues are no longer issues. Our staff works very hard to provide the best customer service and ensure our residents have a pleasant and positive experience while living at our property. We have undergone some renovations and upgraded the units to make Westchase Forest a better choice for your next home!

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Westchase Forest Apartments

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