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Westwood Fountains Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/01/2006
The complex used to be owned by a corporation. Though the neighborhood left much to be desired, the staff at the complex were professional. After moving in I received notice that the complex had been sold. The new owners were nothing but rude and unprofessional. The staff would deliver notices at 10 pm. The maintenance or repair requests were never completed at my apt, but yet the maintenance man would come in and out of my apt without notice. At night he would walk in to the back patio and go into my storage room without notifying me. When I informed the managers they responded they did not have to notify me - they had the right to walk in and out as they pleased. I reported a tenant for stalking to the managers, and though they assured me full confidentiality, they divulged my identity to the perpetrator. That only endangered my life even more. The lock on my door had been tampered with, and when I reported it they did nothing about it. I pleaded that they transfer my lease to an apt on the other side of the complex (the guy lived a few doors down from my apt, and I was trying my best to avoid a broken lease), but they refused. I attempted to make other arrangements in order to move out, but they were callous and unreasonable. I sought out the support of the Houston Apartment Association, but the managers were relentless. The complex's appearance started deteriorating. The apartments were no longer being fumigated, the outside was unkempt, when calling maintenance requests in -- nothing would get done. Crime within the complex started to increase - cars broken into. I weighed my options - live to tell about it with a broken lease vs miserably live in an unsafe environment that may have caused my life but honor the lease. I am alive and talking about it.
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Westwood Fountains Apartments

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