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Chateaux Fall Creek



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Office Staff
BROOKS4GOD • Resident 2005 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/21/2011
When i first move here it was "GREAT". I loved the way the staff customer service was and if a issue came about which was very very rare it was "PROFESSIONALLY TAKEN CARE OF" by one of the office staff or manager. They pride themselves on tenants satisfaction and excellent customer service because when you have "HAPPY AND PLEASED TENANTS" then you have the best advertisement to keep "MAXI" capacity at the apartment complex...which mean BUSINESS IS GREAT. But then about 2 yrs later the apartment begin to slowly go down and management begin to change VERY OFTEN and when i say very often "IT WENT FROM EVERY YEAR TO 6 MONTHS DOWN TO EVERY 2TO3 MONTHS"..NO KIDDING.(IF YOU ASK ANYONE THAT BEEN HERE FOR A MINUTE THEY WOULD GLADLY VERIFY IT) Then with the "OFTEN MANAGEMENT CHANGE CAME HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE". The office staff including the manager need to go through training for customer service. It's sad enough the office staff customer service sucks, but when "the manager" customer service is the same if not worst corporate may want to reconsider what kind of people they are hiring to REPRESENT the company. And that's why we are all moving out slowly but surely. So if u want to deal with horrible customer service, inaccurate information and mistakes that they always cover up, and the list can go on and on..........
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Chateaux Fall Creek

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