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Lake Forest



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nmorris77057 • Resident 2012 - 0 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2012
The staff is lazy,rude and they are liars. They are starting to allow low caliber people who litter, play loud music, and who are ------ move in. There is always dog poop in the grass in front of my apartment. The Visitors Parking is purposely in an area of the complex where people wouldnt think to look, so your car can get towed and the complex with make money from it. The water/sewer bill is not $20-$30, it is almost $45.00 a month. The trash compactor is always overflowing with trash and it makes the complex look and smell dirty. Everyone knows that towing people s vehicles is a scam here in the Houston Area (including Humble) and Lake Forest obviously supports that scam. They ALLOW a tow company to come onto the property and tow your vehicle. How nice of them to support the cause .right, and then they blame everything on the tenants. You people who work for Lake Forest should be disgusted with yourselves for taking advantage of people. I doubt you have problems sleeping at night, be that you just don t CARE. That s okay, because you reap what you sow in your personal and professional life (I use the word professional loosely), and payback is a [email protected]!!!! I hope everyone in Humble and the Houston Area read all of the reviews about Lake Forest and chooses to live elsewhere. And yes, the staff does love the tenants, so much that they have your vehicles TOWED AWAY. That kind of love I can do without. Thank you very much!!!
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Lake Forest

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