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Waterchase Apartments

15100 Golden Eagle Dr

Humble, TX 77396



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
Let's start off by saying that living here is a complete nightmare. When being shown the model apartment your completely elated to move in meanwhile they will tell you yours is not quite ready just yet. The scam is to let you sign the lease thinking your moving into your nice clean new place. This is exactly what happened to me and my family due to trusting Rockstar Capital and the so called manager "Tiffini". When I got into apartment after signing the lease it was roaches.....Yes roaches with an "S". Roaches was in every part of the apartment I went into. Bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, closets. I immediately went to Tiffini about the issue because I could not bring my brand new furniture or my family in something infested like this. I basically asked for another apartment because of the roach infestation in that one. The manager Tiffini stated there were absolutely NO ROACHES in that apartment and we have no more units available. LIE LIE LIE. I'm a very determined person so I had already knew there was units available because I found out that first. I kid you not I had to make Tiffini feel as though she was the victim just in order for her to say "I guess I have something available by the 1st of Dec. I then told her I can't move in apartment with that infestation inside because I have little ones and furniture that roaches will get inside. I then gave her the key so she would know I am in no way inside that apartment. Right before Thanksgiving I really did not need or deserve to have paid my prorated rent for November, only to have to pay extra for a room because I could not move my family in a place in that condition. These guys would not put my prorated rent for the 1st of December knowing I was not in that apartment. I asked this lady for 2 weeks straight about my prorated rent because it was only fair to apply it to December's rent because of all the trouble I had to endure. You guys basically Tiffini kept that money order and said SORRY. I then wanted to speak with corporate, which is an even bigger joke. I dont know if these people really have no clue or this is what they do to people because they feel they can. I too like the last review have only been here 2 months and it feels like I have been through 2 years of hell. SERIOUSLY! They will not fix anything in your apartment and if they decide to grace your apartment it will probably be when your not home and trust me you don't want that. These people have people's cars towed as if they are splitting the money. Vehicles were being vandalized. The so called porter / make ready lady cleans really the leasing office. Of course they have to put this front up like they are this 5 star complex.....FAKE ..FAKE...FAKE. I have pictures for you all that I had buy my own cleaning supplies as well as exterminate the place myself after they charge you for extermination fees. The great reviews that you guys see giving 5 stars it's so obvious that these are her family members friends etc. Can't be real anyone who pays over $1000/month on an apartment and the paint is cheap. Floors untaxed, roaches that are not dying and maintenance who seems to never fixed on anything a day in their life. This place would have got all no stars if I could. I ask any person who is thinking about moving your family make this place the last place on God's green earth. If I and known I was being scammed from the moment I walked in I would have escaped without having to meet with lawyers about the unlawful ethics of Rockstar Capital. Remember if you see ROCKSTAR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT run escape with your money , credit intact, and just overall sanity. It's sad that I had to miss work ,spend money that i did not have for hotel stay after I had paid for a decent apartment(so i thought). I had Thanksgiving ruined thanks to Rockstar Capital. Who in their right mind(That's decent with morals) would cook with roaches popping out every corner. Not to mention they did not feel like painting some of the walls and doors so they basically got a rag and wiped it down. I know because there was hairs(dog owners before us) all on the walls. The sink was clogged with all kinds of nasty hair that I had to get out myself and I will show pics of that as well. Hope this review will save anymore families or individuals from what myself as well as other tenants are going through. Rockstar Capital is a joke and or money hungry scammers ...BEWARE PEOPLE
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Waterchase Apartments Manager


Thank you for your feedback. We deeply value our residents and we are sorry for your experience. We are concerned because the issues you describe do not reflect our high standards. You can reach us at 832-274-4386 or [email protected] to discuss this matter further. We are eager to hear from you. Thank you.

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Waterchase Apartments

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