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Woods On The Fairway



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/08/2007
I have lived at this apartment complex for over a year. When I moved in i was really excited because my apartment was beautiful and spacious for a decent price. But it soon turned very ugly. Basically the management and the maintence staff(both old and new) have run me out of my home. They are the most insensitive, rude and unprofessinal people I know. Any time i have had a maintence issue, it takes at least a week to get something fixed. My A/C unit has been the biggest problem. It keeps breaking and they keep blowing me off by saying its fixed when it is not. My A/C bills have been outrageouors formy size apartment and it is due to my a/c unit being broken. They have refused to pay any part of it before, and I am now in a battle with them again about high bills. I have had to speak with their corporate office and they are just as difficult to deal with. I had to leave 3 message before anyone would return my call. The staff is inconsistent, meaning that there are always people quiting and new people taking over. The communication problems are horrible. Lets just put it this way, if you move in and never have to speak to the office, it is a great place to live, but we all know that's imposssible, so my advice is DO NOT MOVE HERE NO MATTER WHAT. I PROMISE YOU WILL REGRET IT. I DEFINATELY DO!!!! pay the extra money and move across the street.
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Woods On The Fairway

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