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University Club Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
Well lets start off with <br><br>1) I was assulted by a lady who lives above me she came into my house fingerpointed me in the forehead and called me racist names and was with 2 other older woman sayin she was gonna whoop my ---. I called management and the police and NOTHING was done. Shes still livin happily above me.<br><br>2) Its a ------ there is always ALWAYS ppl playing music till early in the morning you can hear everything that everyone does above and below you. <br><br>3) I have a lady above me that has SIX kids and other ppl living with her and they stomp back and forth all day everyday to the point that i have to leave. I have told the office numerous times and they still live there but they are so quit to charge you for some trash The walls sound like they are about to cave in.<br><br>4) No one has respect for anyone everybody is always looking at you and scumbags are always trying to flirt with you. <br><br>5) They actually charged me 75 dollars because i accidently dropped by trash bag in the back of the trash can and they had to pick it up and put it in the trash. Yes im being serious. <br><br>6) They put up a peice of crap gate that if someone goes through it everyone behind you can go through because it automatically opens after you enter. <br><br>7) Everything in the house is a peice of crap its all cheap and theres roaches and bugs everywhere. I found roaches in my cereal and they have an exterminator that isnt a professional.<br><br>8) Kids are ALWAYS SCREAMING there lungs out and playing on the stairs so if you get the room closest to the stairs i feel sorry for you.<br><br>9) They try to get money out of you for anything they can possibly get. <br><br>10) I would not leave my apartment open for more than 1 min cuz I am def. going to get robbed if I do that. My boyfriends car was ransacked and my roomates car was broken into. <br><br>11) Its a hell hole and I would NEVER renew my lease here I hate it.
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