Hurst Gardens

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Hurst Gardens

825 W Bedford Euless Rd, Hurst, TX 76053
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Resident 2003 - 2017


I originally moved into this apartment complex as I paid only $465 a month. I ran upstairs and later on I rented a two-bedroom apartment and then again I downsize back to the one bedroom apartment downstairs. I chose this because of the rent as I was paying child support after divorce. I felt the size of the rooms to be a little small for me. I always wanted to have my own washer and dryer, which is not an option here. Even when I had the money to upgrade Apartments I stayed on. The communities changed a bit, but the other residents have always been friendly. The latest apartment manager seems to be a man of integrity and I like him. My last apartment's carpet was badly worn when I got it hand the appliances had been around a long time. This is an older complex. I had at least one bad flood due to the fact that the pipes burst underneath my apartment. And cleaned the carpet. They had raised my rent to 700 and I discovered it was time for a change. I pay more now, but I have a washer dryer in another 200 square feet.… See More>
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    Resident 2015 - 2017


    They won't tow people cars away from taking your reserved spot. Noise violations that they say give they don't. They spray for roaches but, they still come back. Also, the illegal dwellings of some of these apartments were one bedrooms have multiple people living.

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      Resident 2010 - 2013


      I absolutely love these apartments. I've surveyed the area for quite some time before choosing these over whispering oaks. Me and my Fiancee are students at TCC NE, these apartments are great for affordable living without all the problems. They do have an older look to them but this shouldn't be mistaken with looking bad. We love the style of the apartments. The parking lot needs to be repaved and maybe the windows replaced with energy efficient ones but other then that which isnt likely, I couldn't ask for more. The inside is really cute, my fiancee was very excited when she did her walk through and their studio is actually a one bedroom with a door which works out perfect for me and my fiancee.

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        Resident 2011 - 2013


        Bedbugs-impossible to get rid of. Meth-heads impossible to get rid of. Heroin-addicts impossible to get rid of. Also the next ------- that decides to come through my door when my wife tells them they are too loud on a school night, arguing over some ------- ----- who is being passed around the neighborhood --------, waking up my kids, while I am working late I will shoot each and everyone in their face. By the way the Hurst Police Department doesn't care what happens here so don't bother calling them. Oh yeah my two bedroom apartment's water bill is the same as a 3 bedroom house's on a quarter acre of land. I am not racist, I mean I wasn't, my wife is ------- but not -------. If the owner or manager reads this that one that almost made it through my door and got away with it? ---------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for making this a safe place for us!

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          Resident 2010 - 2011


          Stay away if you value your property!!!!!!

          I have lived here for over 1 1/2 years now and have grown to hate this place. When I first moved in everyone was nice pretty quiet for the most part I can honestly say after my first 6 months I loved this place. I thought it was a diamond in the rough. They are not the greatest looking apartments but were great. Then alot of other people started moving in. The 3 apartments aroung me are all 1 bedroom apartments, well it seems here at Hurst Garden apartments 1 bedroom just means move in 3 families and it will be okay. I know it sounds like I am exacterating but I can assure you I am not. In all these apartment each of the 3 familes has a car so as you can imagine parking is horrible. If you get here after 6 then plan on having to hike to your apartment as there will be no spots. Then there are the kids I have had my car egged which ruined the paint and the management could care less. Then I had a kid jump on the front bumper of my car and bent it down pretty badly and… See More>
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            Resident 2009


            Great Location

            Close to HWY 183, NE shopping mall, schools, post office, city library, NE TCC, etc. I have not seen any roaches in my apartment. The water bill is free and electricity bill is fairly low. Check crime statistics and you will find Hurst Gardens is one of the lowest in the area.

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              Resident 2009


              I honestly dont know what these people are talking about

              Okay so i moved into Hurst Gardens back in January and i have nothing but nice things to say about these apartments. When i moved in, of course everything wasn't perfect but when i reported it to the office, it was fixed that very same day because of the nice maintenance guy, Max. David is the manager here and he is a very nice guy. I have met some of the nicest people EVER here! They are all very sweet and are here for you! Anytime i need something, i just go to one of my neighbors and they are very nice! I don't know what people are talking about with the bugs. I have not seen ONE bug in my apartment since i moved in and i have been here for going on 3 1\2 months. I'll repost if something changes but i honestly don't see anything changing, me and my fianc e plan on moving to a 2 bdrm in July when our lease is up! I would definitely recommend this complex to anybody!

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                Resident 2007 - 2008


                DO NOT MOVE HERE!

                This place is a dump. The managers have changed 5 times (literally) in the past 2 years. The owner is all about the bottom line and not about the happiness of his residents. The only good manager was fired ... even though EVERY resident loved her. The place was safe, and now we have security. There are cops here at least once a week because of the trash they allow to move in here. Roaches are EVERYWHERE, no matter how you clean. The bug guy comes to spray - and it does NOTHING. Work orders get ignored if there is a "make ready" (empty apartment to be fixed up for new residents). So the empty apartments get more attention than the ones the residents live in! Only one maintenance guy - Victor - is a hard worker, respectful and very nice. Getting anything done in your apartment is impossible unless Victor is doing it. I had a horrible water problem for a WEEK before having to remind them to fix it. This place couldn't be more ------....and it's because of the owners (Al and Sheri) and… See More>
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                  Resident 2006 - 2008


                  Rodent Haven

                  If you enjoy living with pests this place is for you. The managers are too often changing. Policies change depending on who you are. The policies are not consistent. If you report problems all too often they are ignored and you get outcasted. THe rent is relatively low but not worth all the problems. The Security is a joke. When asked about security the management states that they contract out and it is not their responsiblity. In the last year they had several muggings and a rape. the management will not take responsibility for anything. secuity lights are tied to tenants electricity so when an apartment is empty the light stays off. Maintanance is a joke. They insult tenants and avoid work. Only time anything gets fixed is when state boards are called in and force the complex to fix problems and issues.

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                    Resident 2008


                    Run from Hurst Gardens

                    So true!! And if they don't like you for whatever reson, they lie to Hurst Police and send them to your apt to investigate you for drug dealing! Managers are always changing, so what one tells you is ok, is not with the new manager. I was told I could pay my rent late along with late charges, and when I went to pay it, they would not accept it, and evicted me, even though I left before the court date, they lied and followed through, thus it ended up on my credit report even though I moved out way ahead! Avoid this place, unless you want daily surprises. And yes, one manager was harboring the person mentioned aboved with the child indecency charges, I was witness to this!

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                      Resident 2004 - 2008


                      Be sure to get renter's insurance if you move here!

                      These apartments have every maintenance problem imaginable. Leaking roofs, faulty plumbing, crumbling wood (because of severe termite infestation), etc. Now a new problem has come out - electrical issues! There have been a couple of electrical fires in the past couple of months. The first fire was a total loss (the resident lost everything including two pets). The one two nights ago was less severe, but only because the Hurst Fire Department is awesome!!! It took them a few minutes to figure out where the fire was though because it was INSIDE THE WALLS of the apartment.

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                        Resident 2006 - 2007


                        illegal residents need only apply.

                        The only positive review in this place is obviously written by an employee of this place. This place caters to illegal aliens and is reflected by the property. Nasty, nasty, nasty and I cant wait to move from here. This is little Mexico. Very unsafe and uncomfortable.

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                          Resident 2007


                          Nice Place To Be

                          Location: Can't beat it! *Easy acess to all highways *Close to shopping centers & mall *Rec. center for Hurst residents w/ gym $25.00/Yr Property: *Doesn't look like anything special on the outside...but *inside remodled *Free clubhouse *Communtiy Coordinator who helps the kids w/ homework in the clubroom & provides many activities *New washers & dryers that use cards so you don't have to get change

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                            Resident 2007


                            do you like BED BUGS??

                            Read up on Bed Bugs! I would NEVER, EVER wish this even if it is my WORST enemy. THis is NOT a joke. I have even reported these apartments to the BBB (better business bureau) and the apartments wouldnt even respond to the BBB! <br>Once you get Bed Bugs, you can NOT get rid of them, without paying a couple hundred dollars and several return visits. Bed bugs invade your clothing, paper products, furniture, beds, bedding, carpet, etc.<br>Hell, I would take the roaches over the bed bugs, at least they dont bite! There is nothing worse than not being able to protect your own children and having to leave everything you own behind.<br>We paid over $800/m for a 3bdrm and couldnt take a ten minute shower, the hot water heater isnt large enough for a one bedroom, let alone a 3 bedroom!!<br><br>Told the management NUMEROUS times, with NO ACTION.<br>Also, they rented the apartment to use without showing it first and when I went to view it the -------- couple cleaning it told me that there were roaches, but someone had just sprayed. NOT TRUE....the bed bugs & roaches reside there!

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                              Resident 2006


                              Seriously, very bad

                              I moved in 4 months ago and since I've been here....nothing has been good. My apartment is on the bottom and the family that lives above me is EXTREMELY noisy. They're up at all hours of the night and early morning banging around and their young children yelling at the top of their lungs. I've complained to the manager, Rosie, but she hasn't done anything still.<br><br>The parking situation is so frustrating. You only get 1 space per apartment and there's only like 10 visitor's spots.<br><br>There are alot of illegals here as well. Families of 6 or 8 living in 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Also, the maintenance sucks. The guys don't speak english, they come right in to your apt. if you don't answer right away. I've even been asleep on the couch one early afternoon while my husband was in the bedroom asleep (he works 3rd shift) and they came right in and walked right through the bedroom to get to the AC unit out back!<br><br>The pool is WAY over-chlorinated, and people are rude. Not to mention the bug problem. After being here just 2 months, we had a HUGE flea problem. I don't have ANY pets, in fact,… See More>
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                                Resident 2005 - 2006


                                Run far far away!!!!

                                Well I moved into the apartments because, a good friend used to live here a few years back. First off I lived by the pool, the walls are paper thin...I would try to put my baby to sleep or study for a test and all I hear is little children screaming. As well as running around the pool. You only allowed two guest per apartment in the pool. The people next to me had 22 one day and on top of that none of them had a swim suit. They swam in there clothes! I have seen small roaches in my apartment and I have seen huge roaches outside...the one's that fly. One night I was walking by and saw a rat run up the stair case. The parking here is really bad. They only have about 10 vistor parking and you get only one parking spot for your car. If you have two cars you could see how this would be a problem. People threw a party at the clubhouse last weekend and trahed the pool area and the clubhouse it was really nasty. The office will fine you for stupid things like haveing a chair on your patio.… See More>
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                                  Resident 1998 - 2006


                                  Awful manager

                                  Kristen,the manager is rude and the security there has really gone downhill ever since she took over as manager making it a very unsafe place to live.The rent is ridicules and not worth the price for living in insecurity.

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                                    Resident 2005 - 2006


                                    If you like bugs, Kids, and a rude staff then this is the place for you.

                                    We moved into Hurst Gardens thinking that it would be a great place to live. Wrong! I have had nothing but trouble with our apartment. I keep finding roaches in our kitchen and ants in our bathroom. Other people park in our parking spot. Parents let there children run around the pool screaming at all hours of the night. One day some mother let her child scream for 20mins. When I say scream I mean as if she was being murder. The office staff is not very nice, but Kristen the manger is a very sweet girl. I get dirty looks from the other staff members. I would tell anyone to skip out on this apartment.

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                                      Resident 2003 - 2005



                                      We loved the first apt here that we moved in to, but since we transferred to this 2br all we've had are problems and no help from the staff. There are little roaches when you open a cabinet they fall out on you:(. We've also had so many problems getting them to do any maintainance repairs correctly and without damage to our property that we finally just started to have to pay for repairs out of our own pocket or live with them. This has been the most awful experience and I would certainly not recommend anyone to take up living here ever.

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                                        Resident 2004


                                        Great Place to live

                                        Even though we have lived here for a little over a month, I have observed that the apartments are roomy, the grounds are kept clean, maintaince responds quickly, and the Management is very helpful and friendly

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                                          Resident 2004


                                          i lived at hurst gardens for a year. it was a pretty good experience. in the one year that i lived there, i think i only had to have something fixed maybe twice. and they responded right away. i liked kristen (the apartment manager). i was pregnant when i moved there and she always asked me how i was doing when i seen her. the only thing i did not like about these apartments is the parking lot. it is sooooo tiny. you are assigned one parking spot and if someone is in your parking spot you have to park far away in visitor parking. its not that big of a deal unless you have a baby, all his stuff, all your stuff and have to walk a flight of stairs. it was an inconvenience. but the maintenance guys were very friendly and ALWAYS picked up the trash around the grounds. the pool was kept clean all year around, in fact thats what sold me on renting here was how clean the pool was. it was a quiet, small complex. i would recommend it to anyone.

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                                            Resident 2002


                                            Awesome Place to live and great staff!!

                                            This complex was very helpful in placing me into an apartment there. The office staff was very nice and professional and they had great move-in specials. I would recommend this place to others.

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                                              Resident 2002


                                              Very helpful and conciderate in helping to fulfill my apartment needs.

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                                                Resident 2002


                                                Jerked Us around on getting in.

                                                We paid them the 99$ move-in then they said we were approved but they took close to two weeks to get us in....if you need an apartment now don´t go here.

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                                                  Hurst Gardens is an apartment in Hurst in zip code 76053. This community has a 1 Bed, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $902. Nearby cities include Richland Hills, Bedford, North Richland Hills, Colleyville, and Euless.

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