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babyjacksmommie • Resident 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/27/2002
my husband and i went there with our children, while he was getting the baby out i went inside to find no one in the office. finally a woman came out of a back office holding some papers. i explained who i was and that i wanted to look at their 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment for $625 and i got an impatient sigh. (she was actually going to have to walk, it didnt look like she moved very often from her size). when she finally gets the key (took like 5 minutes for her to mess with her papers while ignoring me and to find the key) we walked maybe 30 feet to the apartment. <br> <br>we noticed that there was hardly any grass in the yard and tons of cig. butts all over the place. very dirty and not taken care of. <br> <br>we walk in and are informed that this apartment has new carpet which looked okay. we walked into one bedroom and into the bathroom and there was black stuff in the tub where something had backed up into it and slowly drained. then i noticed that the calking around the bottom of the toilet was kind of yellow in color. then i discovered why -- i was standing in a huge puddle of water from the toilet. i informed her that the bathtub looked bad and the toilet leaked, she just said she would make a note of it. <br> <br>we walked back into the kitchen and found a lot of dead roaches on the counters. then my older son pointed to tons of dead roaches by the front door too. <br> <br>walked into the other bedroom and found another front door. yes that is right, this apartment had two front doors with three locks each. one where it belonged and one in the bedroom. i asked her about this and she just said that this apartment had an extra door. she could not explain why that was. <br> <br>as we were leaving she was asking when we would be wanting to move and insisting that we take an application with us. oh i forgot to mention, well it has been my experience that they often take your drivers license for whatever reason. she took absolutely nothing from us, and never once asked us for any id at all. <br> <br>needless to say, we were not thinking we would find anything any better than were we live now so why go to the trouble of moving. <br> <br>if you are looking for a nice place, dont waste your time by going to this place to even look. we want someplace where the roaches arent so big they scare our baby when he sees them and this place and the current place we live isnt it. we have never had a roach problem and i will not start it now. <br> <br>we are looking in irving and checking this page often for ratings of other places we are considering. <br> <br>good luck in your search.
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