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Mary Beth_F • Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2018
WORST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. I have stayed at multiple apartment complexes and I have never had such a bad experience. The biggest thing to know about me: I was gone about 80% - 85% of the time due to work travel, and this still managed to be a TERRIBLE experience. Also, I wrote down dates and events and will share those. Before I even moved in, I was in a very tight window to find a place. I found a price online and went to Alesio- the guy I spoke to laughed at me and told me they don't offer the prices I found online. I should have ran then. But the facilities looked nice and because I was running out of time, I did everything remotely- WITH the advertised rate that the guy in the office clearly didn't know. Move In Day: After I signed my lease, I moved in just a washer and dryer initially. Without notice, the office VOIDED my lease (they said they mistyped the late rental payment on the first one and had to cancel the whole thing) and then HOUNDED me with numerous calls and emails (while I was at work) because I had things in the apartment... and keys... with "no" lease. Again, I didn't have a lease at that point because after I finished signing the original one and it went through, THEY cancelled it. 3.15- Maintenance responded to a service request that I submitted online- and REMOVED A DOOR IN MY APARTMENT without letting me know they were coming, without leaving a note and without replacing the door. So, not knowing that anyone has even been in my apartment, I walk in and a door is gone. 3/17- My fiance sent me flowers and the office signed for them. I called on 3/18 for an unrelated topic, had to ask about the flowers. I was given a very rude and dismissing answer to come pick them up because, "We shouldn't have even signed for them. We don't do that." Ok. But, you did- so you should have called me to let me know. Packages in general were a nightmare here, but ESPECIALLY if you had to deal with the office. April- Due to my work travels, I literally slept in the apartment for 3 nights. I noticed that my water bill was $50. I went to the office to ask about it- found out that I split a waterbill with other units. So, I paid hundreds more in water during my stay here than I should have. I had stolen and undelivered packages. More undelivered than stolen. So, they created a new system to get your packages and "encouraged" you to pay the extra fee to receive packages using the new box system. But if you didn't agree, packages may be "shipped back to carrier." Seriously? So, more fees if you want your stuff. I lived on the 3rd floor with no elevator. I had to park in garage that the elevator was frequently broken on, additionally, the gate often didn't work. So, if I had groceries for example, I'd often have to park on the 4th floor of parking garage, walk down the flight of stairs with as much as I could carry, to my building, and back up 3 flights for my apartment. Then, I'd have to go back and do it again. I chose the apartment I did, so I don't blame anyone but myself for that. But the elevators and gate often not working was very annoying and inconvenient. Gates in general didn't work. Part of the reason I wanted to move here was because ever building appeared to be gated in. No, all of the locks are broken, so anyone can get into any building. "security" is a total joke here. In the middle of my lease, they changed the way they do online payments. For my bank, this added a 3% service fee that I wasn't paying before. So, that was about an extra $250. In June and July, they decided to revamp some of the pools... so they were closed for weeks. They CLOSED the pools in June and JULY in TEXAS to revamp them. October 10- They sent out an email saying that cars without parking passes by October 13 will be TOWED. I was out of town all 3 days and unable to comply. They extended it, most likely because residents in a similar situation raised cain about the ridiculousness of it. Upon check out, I was told that I'd be charged for not turning in the USED parking sticker. I had to go to my new place out of state, peel the USED parking sticker from my windshield, and send it back so that I wouldn't be fined. Finally, upon final checkout, I was charged for really random things that I have picture proof were clean. "Kitchen sink left unclean" $5.00 fee "Microwave left unclean" $30.00 "Carpet clean require pre-treat" $43.30 This was overall a terrible experience. I cringed every time I was flying back to Texas. There was one competent girl I spoke with, and I wish I would have gotten her name. I turned in my keys 8 days early (though I paid the rest of my lease for those 8 days) and was charged $1651.00 for "early termination." She took care of the situation and got it squared away. Another thing she told me, however, was that if they accepted my keys early, THEY voided the lease, not me. Which means, all the things they charged me for were void before they even went into my apartment. If you're reading this, thank you again for your help, you were seriously the only truly good experience with office staff that I had here.
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