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Jarrod_O • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2018
Where do I even start? I was pretty excited to move in here. A renovated unit with a fireplace and a lake view? Plus it was attached to the parking garage. It was perfect. Well, that's where the excitement ended. I moved into my unit(1727) in May of 2016, less than a week later I was dealing with a roof the first floor. And not a small leak, I would have an inch of standing water in my living room and bedroom every time it rained(and it rained a lot that summer). Maintenance would come "fix" the problem and a few days later when it rained again I'd be dealing with the same problem. This went on from May to September when I had finally had enough. (Side note: don't bother trying to contact Amber(regional property manager) for anything. I emailed and called several times and got one response during this whole ordeal) After causing a scene I was finally moved to another unit, a larger my expense. On top of that, they even raised my rent. As a consolation I got one month free. You would think the nightmare ends there but, it doesn't. Three months after moving to the new unit, my car was stolen from the parking garage. If you've been keeping up I'm sure you'll be able to guess how helpful the office was with that. This place is a mess. Nothing works. Only one gate in my building actually locks, the gates in the garage are always broken, and don't even bother with the elevators, they don't work. The pools look great, when they're open, but don't look too close. You may have even seen one online, since it was used for a pornographic photoshoot. Don't even get me started on the amenities listed on the website, they're all under construction. Yet, they still charge these ridiculously inflated rent prices. Save your money, there are much better options right across the lake.
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Alesio Urban Center

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