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Office Staff
Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/08/2018
I have not been there long, however my husband has been living there for a while before I moved there. Honestly, I do not feel safe at this property. Our truck has be broken into recently and it looked like they had tried to steal truck since the ignition covering was not align right. They did take his stereo that he had not had for long. I know of at least one car being stolen from Alesio within the last few years. The truck was locked and no valuables were left in sight other than the stereo, which we cannot really hide. Our windows are tinted so they had to put some effort in looking into our truck. They broke in regardless of the alarm system. We and many other neighbors have frequently heard car alarms go off (especially in the middle of the night) in the parking garage, for which the gates almost never work. Before we have called the police to investigate car alarms going off at the middle of the night. The only camera that I can see in the parking garage is at the broken gate. Any one can get into the garage from the two attached stairs cases from the outside on the other sides of the building. There are no cameras in the stairwells that I know of. Other than that, they only have lights on in the garage, which a friend of our had to encourage the office to turn on at night. What is worst is that I believe the person(s) that broke into and stole from us live at the Alesio apartments but I do not have any proof, only a suspicion. I know that the apartment does not (and is not legally expected to) order criminal reports for any residence or staff/contractor. I believe I have talked to and/or passed by the person(s) that have stolen from us. This is not a comfortable feeling to continually live with and neither is the worry that your property may be damaged or stolen. There are many other issues with the quality and organization of Alesio which I am sure you can find elsewhere in other reviews. My main concern is safety and I do not feel safe here and I know my possessions are not safe here. I believe that the thieves will continue to break into cars and steal items regardless of your efforts to prevent it. I also believe that they will try again to steal from us. We have put in a new alarm system but an alarm system will not prevent a theft from stealing what is yours. I do not suggest moving here. You would not want to be here.
Alesio Urban Center Manager06/28/2018

Hi Kelly, thank you for writing to us. We want all residents to feel safe within our community and enjoy the comfort of their home. We ask that you come into our office so we can speak about your concerns in person. Our staff works hard to provide the best in apartment living, and want to make this a reality for you and your husband. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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