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Office Staff
floatful • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/16/2005
Move here if the following does not bother you:<br>1. Parking garage security gates never work and are always in the "open" position<br>2. Lights in the parking garage are frequently out, creating creepy, dark areas<br>3. Security system for building doors is broken - and you have to find one that has been propped open in order to get to your apartment<br>4. When the security system IS working, the doors are propped open with bricks or the hydralic arm has been bent and the door no longer closes at all<br>5. Trash left in the stairwells<br>6. Cigarette butts left in the hallways and stairwells<br>7. Losing items secured and stored in the parking garages, i.e. boats and recreational equipment<br>8. Animal poop on sidewalks<br>9. Property management that is unresponsive to repeated requests to repair facility lights and security equipment, siting that "the equipment for repair has been ordered" (Lies)<br>10. Residents/guests that like to share their music by cruising through the complex with their sub-woofers cranked<br>11. Apartment mailboxes left unlatched/unlocked/pried open (I have all my mail routed to a PO Box, but have seen this on many occasions)<br><br>When I moved in (I am a single female), I was attracted to the property because of the security elements and beauty of the grounds. There was also a local Irving Police Station on the grounds that I was told was manned 24/7. I never saw it staffed. Once I moved in, I was told that the office was "temporarily closed until a new officer was hired to replace the one that was on medical leave." After the office was vacant for a year, they remodeled the space and moved the management offices into the location. I will be moving soon. This place has so much potential, it is really too bad that MPA doesn't seem to be able to operate the property to the expectations of the tenants - based on the amount paid to live here.
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Alesio Urban Center

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