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Estelle Creek North



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I moved in July 2012 and it's now November 2012. I have to say I'm quite happy with the apts. I am in one of the larger units and, believe it or not, I have NO ROACHES! Sometimes black beetle bugs get in but they don't breed, they just die. I normally find them dead on the carpet in the living room and sometimes the kitchen. That's it for bugs in my unit, however, one tenant who lives in a small unit says she has bugs a lot. The exterminator comes every Friday and you can add your name to the list of apts to be sprayed on Fridays whenever you need. I have not had to do it but I don't expect to EVER find an apartment again with so few bugs so this is a special treat. Maintenance responds within 2-3 days on non-urgent orders, every time, for us. Last time they responded the next day. If you don't mind the overhead planes from the airport, it is really quiet. But I'm in the "back forty", on the edge of the complex, facing the City of Irving's dog park. Very quiet except for planes, nice view of dogs playing everyday. Sometimes the police parole our complexes. A tenant said the police said there are some registered sex offenders in the complex. Apparently when apartments get hard up for tenants, they relax their criminal background requirements. Even if criminals are being turned away now, someone sometime ago let some in. We have ADT security. The buildings at night are spread out, it's nice and flat, everywhere and everything's very well lit. There's plenty of parking without congestion so there's lower risk of tight spaces and dings on cars. In the apt, I like the garden tub but the bathroom storage is bare minimum. LOVE that this complex has no sliding glass doors and no vertical blinds!! The landscaping is just right, landscapers come twice a month, and many people plant their own greenery around their front doors.
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Estelle Creek North

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