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Estelle Creek North



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
Compared to where I moved from, this place was a lot better. There are a few people who drive through with loud music sometimes and the office does nothing to enforce the "Quiet Time" rule. I had one neighbor whom I had to call the cops on at least once a week. Front office ignored me for months! They waited until their lease was up and moved out, that was their solution... Don't bother emailing the office either, they straight up ignore you. I have lived here a year, I have never seen nor heard from the manager that whole time. To pool is closed 8-9 months out of the year! They advertise sparkling pools which you can't use. For most of my stay they had a super easy online payment system. No fee and I was always able to pay early. Then, WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE, they switched to some absolute ---- site that charged you $20 to pay your rent. WTF!? Well, they did tell people by sending out flyers, 3 months later... So now I pay by check, which is hard from me because my work hours are their office hours. They also have no night drop slot. Maintenance is a ------- joke. I had to fill 3 work orders for them to fix my dish washer. Every time they would just leave a note saying that it's working fine. I had to rig the washer to run while it's open and take a video. I showed it to the office and asked if this is how all their washer work. Turns out there was some plastic in the motor. Then they came in, without notice, to check the AC or the ducts. They left my front door open, they left my AC shut off, THEY STOLE MY FILTER and replaced it with the shittiest filter in existence. Again, no contact from the manager and no replacement filter either. I also told them to check the freon in the AC unit, told them not to come inside and to check to exterior unit. They come inside and say, what else, everything works fine. They are so ------- stupid and I think only one speaks English. There is also a roving "gang" of small black children who run around vandalizing people property. I followed them, they all were from one apartment (shocker) and informed the office. The result was, NOTHING! They did nothing! It's as if the front office exists only to take your money. This would be a great community if the office was actually involved in anything. They refuse to listen to you, but god help you if you don't listen to them. All in all, if you can find somewhere else for the same price, try it out. It's not a "terrible" place to live, but it is very aggravating when you have no point of contact.I will try to negotiate my price down, just because I don't want the hassle of moving.
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Estelle Creek North

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