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Estelle Creek North



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
Everything at this apartment complex is horribly wrong . They don't tell you that the majority of the people smoke until you move in. Coming home to a smoke filled apartment has been my experience since I moved in. My clothes, food, toiletries, makeup, all smell like cigarettes now. If you have children please don't ruin their health by bringing them here. Strange people sit in their cars at night drinking beer and throwing trash out of the windows. People litter like a third world country. Keep the police number handy because you will have to call them at some point. There are no speed bumps. People drive 60-80 miles an hour throughout the complex. There is a pack of wild coyotes that roam freely around the Apartment complex at night. There are also pair of aggressive raccoons that patrol the trash dumpsters . I swear one has bared its sharp fang like teeth at me so many times, that at times I forget there is a wild animal ready to pounce. During the summer time, there swarms of giant black wasps that migrate into the poach areas of the apartments. You will be stung if you wear that sweet fragrant perfume. If you hate noise pollution then it is going to get worse when you hear the ear busting noises coming from the humongous thunderous jets that swoop down so low over the complex on their way to the landing strips nearby. For all this trouble this place charges way too much money $$$$. Look elsewhere. I can't wait for my lease to expire(My bags are still packed). Maintenance is a joke. They never show up. If they do, they do such a shoddy job that at times you wonder if they know that they are doing. The office personnel are not very truthful either. They will tell you anything to get you to sign the lease. The standard answer is "not that I know of". Now that is classic.
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Estelle Creek North

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