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Jefferson Park Apartments



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tomboy6 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2005
GOOD- I love my apartment.The only noise is my neighbors above me walk heavy but we have become friendly and I tease them about it. For the price I believe it is good. Decent carpet and great water pressure (once they finally fixed it) I have not seen any unsupervised children. I don't like the smell of dog feces and this complex only allows dogs under 20 lbs that was extremely important to me. Someone complained about the gates not working - well I hate waiting on a gate to open to come and go and I am extremely happy this complex does not have a 'working' gate nor too many speed bumps. The office staff are friendly but not very helpful and don't seem to really care. But when I complained were quick to work w/me on shortening my lease or letting me out of my contract. Office manager very nice and did not mind giving me the address and phone number of the management company when I wanted to complain. I don't use the pool or laundry facility. I don't mind hauling my trash across to the other side because I do not have to smell the dumpster. Nice park to workout at. Don't care what color or race my neighbors are. Parking rocks. I have under cover parking very close to my apartment and my friends have always had a place to park not to far away as well.However if someone parks in your spot no one will tow them for 24 hrs so when you first move there be prepared for this.<br>BUT<br>BAD- Maintanence takes awhile to get to you (2 weeks the first time I called but after sending complaint to management company got instant help) and if you are not home don't really understand what the issue is- not sure the office staff can translate work issues. Cell phone signals are horrible and not just my company because people always go outside trying to get a better signal but the entire area (not just this complex) is bad not just inside. The lights on Macarthur are not timed good and takes forever to get from Hidden Ridge to 114. But if you are going to Dallas you can use Hidden Ridge without the stop light hassle. I would have stayed if it were not for the cockroaches. I have only been there for about 4 months and have had my apartment sprayed 6 times. Once it was a 'flush out' and twice I took everything out of my cabinets but still no results. I sleep with my lights on- all of them and have poured boric acid in all areas up against the walls and in every corner of my kitchen. Just don't live in bld 1103 or the one next to the pool they admitted there is a problem there as well. (unknown bld #)<br>Overall it is good for the price as long as you don't expect too much as far as customer service and don't get the apartment with the free pets. (roaches) <br>The reason I would not refer someone to this complex is not because it is not perfect because as you can see there are many good points to living here. BUT the fact that management would rather let me out of my lease than to fix the problem within a reasonable time frame is why I choose NO.<br>I wish ALL apartment complexes would stop watering the sidewalk and road. Not pleasant to walk or run on. A lot of wasted water and then we all have dirty vehicles all the time. Even more wasted water to constantly wash them.
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Jefferson Park Apartments

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