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Jefferson Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/14/2005
Apartment life sucks. To be in such close quarters with so many people is pure hell. Human beings are just naturally rude and selfish creatures. The folks at Jefferson Park are no exception. <br><br>My BIGGEST complaint is the nasty, ------, low-class em-effers who put their garbage out when there's not a scheduled pick-up. What kind of dirty person puts out a big white garbage bag filled with all their waste - in front of their dwelling - on a Saturday morning when it won't be picked up until Monday? The kind of person that needs to be living in the housing projects.<br><br>Secondly, there's always some loud a$$ kids ripping and running, whooping and hollerin' all over the place. Who wants to hear somebody's else's children yelling and screaming? "Why should your lack of control as a parent become my problem?", I want to ask whenever I witness this bullcrap. "Put a sock in it!" I'd love to yell at the Ritalin-deprived little suckers that live below me.<br><br>Oh, and my apartment has ants and other inconvenient maintenance issues.<br><br>There's like four sets of washer and dryers in one of the laundry rooms - c'mon. In this big 'ol complex - you'll never get to wash your clothes.<br><br>It's a fact that can't be ignored: There are A LOT of Indisans that live here. I can't say that I mind terribly, it just pisses me off when I speak and they don't respond - they just stare. It's really quite creepy and Twilight Zone-esque. I mean, isn't the greeting one of the first phrases you learn in any language? I just stopped speaking and stare right back.<br><br>When my lease is up, I'll definitely be on the lookout for a more better property with more sophisticated tenants; A property that isn't infested with so many children. In an apartment complex, children threaten the peaceful existence of their childless neighbors. <br><br>Maybe, I'll just buy a house...<br><br><br>
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Jefferson Park Apartments

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