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Oaks of Valley Ranch

9519 East Valley Ranch Pkwy

Irving, TX 75063



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
My boyfriend and I moved into these apartments after we saw them and fell in love with the big one bedroom with a study floorplan. The apartment complex was beautiful at first glance right? No, this was the biggest mistake we have ever made in our lives! For starters we moved in early due to issues going on with our other apartment. We moved in on a weekend and by that next Monday we realized we had absoulutely no privacy. The tenants upstairs would walk or even talk at a normal level and we could hear every word being spoken. They also had a cat (which they failed to report to the leasing office)that would jump and we could also hear the cat sitting on the window sill purring.... After a phone call to the office I was told that a representative from a construction company would be coming out shortly to evaluate the noise. Well, by the following week I was told that yes they did find that there was problems with the subflooring and that they would schedule a time frame to come out and fix it. So, by this time we ar e excited to have this problem fixed WRONG! nothing was ever done they then proceeded to tell me that they needed management to okay this and the funds had to be requested once more. This goes on for a couple of months with me issuing several more calls and getting pretty much the same response. I finally receive a call from the leasing manager who unfortunately isn't there anymore and she tells me that the tenants lease upstairs will be up in April so that the construction will resume when they move out. So satisfied by this I resume my normal activities thinking something will be done by May I realized that a new tenant has moved in and Surprise! nothing hasn't been done! Well, after several calls to the leasing office I get the same run around and I even get several phone calls from management trying to help resolve the situation. Well at this point the tenant upstairs and I have had several conversations with me asking her nicely to please keep it down upstairs and how much we can really hear. This doesn't mean anything to her apparently and she still continues to do everything plus more. When I say she stomps when she walks I mean she sounds like freakin' KING KONG upstairs. I have even gone to the new apartment management and after several e-mails and subtle attempts they finally issue a noise violation to her and call her in the office for a face to face meeting where she starts running her mouth off about us. Well I have asked her on several occasions if she could hear us and she adamantely told me NO. Well, this was a surprise to me that she admits that she can hear us when she's on the hotseat and is getting threatend with eviction and etc. if this continues. So the last e-mail from management basically says oh well who cares I just don't want to deal with this issue between tenants. So after two e-mail to Corporate and still no response back I and the tenant upstairs almost have come to blows with her continuing to stomp as loudly as she can and coming down to pound down my front door to harrass us about telling her to keep it down. She the proceeds to say as long as we tell her to keep it down she would continue to harrass us by stomping like KING KONG and whatever she felt like doing. This is so uncalled for her ------ --- needs to go back to the hood where she will feel more at home instead of constantly bringing the ------ over here! I've had enough of this apartment and its incompetent leasing office that I can't wait to move out this month. I hope the next person will not have to endure this crap or this ----- of a women. Look elsewhere its just not worth it......Did I mention the High electricity bills of over $100.00 and the water bills of about $60.00 a month!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor ventilation, insulation and paper thin walls where you can hear your upstirs neighbor going at it every couple of nights that keeps you up until they decide they aree through scooting her cheap bed across your ceiling......------!!!!!! Need I say more......
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Oaks of Valley Ranch

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