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2115 Estrada Pkwy

Irving, TX 75061



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
I have lived here a year and witnessed new management turnover 1 time. New Management, Vesta is not professional. The staff they have working are not competent. I won't entirely blame them because you can only be as you are trained. So with that said, I blame Vesta Management for their poor staffing and lack of communication when something is important to look into. Yes, the outside of the buildings look mediocre, but the office looks fantastic; however, the apartments inside are a joke. They are poorly constructed and always have issues. I was told I would have black appliances, so why did we move in with mix matched appliances? Ask them to fix it because I wanted the all black refrigerator to go with the black stove and microwave, they never fixed it nor did they try. My front room entire wall was painted red, HORRIBLE! You are only supposed to pain the accent wall and they painted the whole entire wall in the front! Asked them to fix it, they didn't and then said I had to pay them $50 if I wanted it fixed. Over and over I have told these idiots that I am married and my husband is the first person listed on the lease, but yet, every correspondence and bill has been in my name only when we both signed the lease and his name is listed first. I asked them to fix that, yup, you guessed it, they didn't fix it. Every month the water bill goes up and no logical explanation has been given for it, did they fix it? NO! These people do not care about you, they only care about making money. But if they had any business sense, they would do all they can to keep good tenants as myself and my husband by lowering the rent for a renewal, but guess what they did, wrote us this ignorant letter saying how good of tenants we were and they would like to keep us, but they were upping the rent beyond what this crappy apartment is worth! All in all, this is not a complaint, this is reality, this apartment is not worth the rent they are charging. Do yourself a favor and never come here to live or rent. You will be greatly disappointed. On top of that, the bottom apartments get broken into all the time and they do nothing about it. Thank God my husband and I lived upstairs on the 2nd floor. This community is a joke. No sense of pride or family. People let their dogs poop everywhere and don't pick up the poop. Kids running around begging for money in the parking lots. Its ridiculous. For rent, water, sewer, electricity, trash and pet fee, plus administrative fees and such, we could have had our own house. For all that we have paid, it truly was not worth it. Sad.
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