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Towne Oaks Townhouses



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
We rented here because it had a backyard and we were eager to get a dog. We were also drawn to Centennial Park, which is nice. However, the backyards are only dirt - they do not grow grass due to the thick trees covering them. Our living room carpet is constantly dirty and full of leaf particles from the backyard. When it rains everything turns to mud. Do not be fooled by the beautiful grass that is in the yards lining Schulze. They use a different kind of grass to line the street than is actually in the yards. A drawback to the backyards is that you can hear everyone in their yards while you're inside your house. This is because of how small and close together they are. <br> One family on my street has 5 cars to their one unit. This makes parking difficult for everyone around them and it makes the area look tacky - like a car lot. Before they moved out, some other people on our street had 1 car and 3 trucks. You can imagine what the street looked like with so many vehicles.<br> I believe 2 or 3 times in the one year we've been here all the employees have been fired and completely replaced. This has caused lots of problems for us in regard to some major maintenance issues we have in our unit. I have had a ceiling leak since May that is still not fixed. The old maintenance crew didn't leave notes for the new crew. I was waiting patiently for our nice maintenance man to remember to come back, not realizing he had been fired. The new guy has been over twice and not fixed a thing. 3 weeks ago the shelves in my closet collasped and they are still not repaired. This evening the pipes under the kitchen sink came loose and water starting pouring everywhere. Our unit has countless problems. We had a nightmare with the AC and the water heater after we first moved in. The inner doors of the house don't even shut correctly, much less lock. The front door is not airtight and it lets all kinds of bugs get in. Our exterminator told me the bugs would keep coming in as long as it was like that. Our porch light has a short in it and never works. I think they should tear down this whole property and start over. <br> I cannot wait to move out of here. My patience is completely gone. Do yourself a favor and move into one of the nice complexes in North Irving or rent a house if you really want a back yard.
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Towne Oaks Townhouses

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