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21540 Provincial Boulevard

Katy, TX 77450



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
Okay, I have lived here for years, and I have dealt with it all. Here is a nice list:<br><br>1. Horrible construction<br>2. Pests (ants, silverfish, roaches)<br>3. Stinky Neighbors (seeps through the ceiling)<br>4. Noise<br>5. Dog mess everywhere<br><br>My main concern today is the ants. I keep getting ants, walking in through the window ledge. And it would be okay if it was a few ants, but we are talking hundreds, if not thousands of ants, including the carpenter ones, with the wings that like to relocate themselves all over your home.<br><br>I understand it is an apartment, but my problem is with the office staff. I don't say management, because with my experience doing payroll in the past for apartment complexes, I know that these are just random gals with crap for work experience and no desire to be helpful. Plus, they get a few weeks or months at a place and then they get moved some place else or fired. Why? Because they are so replaceable and annoying.<br><br>So, when my million ants decide to walk into my house, I spray them, and they keep coming, so I call the "office" and they send some guy who sprays them, and they keep coming, then they send another guy. You see the problem. So, who I ask is going to clean up my walls, curtains, window, and floor of the soaking wet dead ant bodies? Not the office, they tell me, it's my house so I should clean up the mess. Nice huh? They say, take your nice vacuum and clean the mess yourself, and if you move out, then we ll take responsibility and clean it.<br><br>So, now here I am with millions of dead ants, and new ants coming out to walk on their bodies, and carpet that is turning black with the bodies and I am lost on what to do. Sure I could clean it, but since when is the shoddy construction and pesticide cleaning my responsibility.<br><br>Oh, and as far as the mold, you have to clean it yourself. And just do your best to ignore the mold in the vents and ignore the fact that it causes you to be more congested than you remember being when you lived at your parent s house. And learn how to replace vents, because if not, the rust will fall off onto your toothbrush and it s your responsibility to replace the vent with a new clean one. And batteries in the alarms, and filters in the vents.<br><br>I mean, it s your house, you take care of it.<br>
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