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Bridgewater Retreat



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
First off I should say I only lived there for 3 months with my now husband. To start off we had our bathroom ceiling leaking for 2 weeks before anyone even came to look at it and it took the roof falling before they even did something about it. Even though we reported it everyday they didnt care. Then there was the noise and the people always fighting across the yard from us. They would go to blows and cops had to be called to get them to stop (this was at 3am). One day we had our kids there and we were having a bbq and the kids were in the pool, a guy just came up and was telling my 15-year-old daughter to take her top off and asking for her number. When my boyfriend told him she was 15 and to go away he shoved my 9-year-old son into the pool and jumped the fence. We were in front of the office with the security guard inside and when I told him about it he said that "well the guy is gone, nothing I can do" We told him which apartment he went into and he just went back in the office and sat down and was reading a newspaper. My boyfriend told the manager the next day and she said that they couldn't do anything about the guy. The 2nd problem we had was the cats. There are cats everywhere. We told the manager about them because they would sit on the roof of people's cars and would scratch them. A gentleman said he had called the pound after a cat scratched the hood of his car and was poking holes on the top of his convertible, but that the manager was suppose to catch them. I told the manager, but instead of catching them she was playing with them and the maintenance guy would feed them. I am highly allergic to cats and they would always be outside while i was trying to smoke and would make my allergies act up to the point I couldn't breath. There was cat S**t outside our door every morning. The worse part was the kittens would crawl into people's engines and when people would turn on their cars they would kill them. A friend of ours had a cat crawl into her engine near the belt and when she turned on the car cat fur and guts were all over her motor, it also busted the belt and a few lines which she ended having to spend around $1,000 bucks to fix (she has a mercedez). Management said they couldn't do anything and that it was her fault she killed the cat. The final straw came when me and my boyfriend got married and he went to add me to the lease. The lady told us it would cost him $200 to add me to the lease plus we will need to do another 6 month lease on top of it. We were outraged. We decided to just wait out the remainder 2 months and move out. We gived a month's notice in writting and we got a cleaning service to go and clean the carpets plus the whole apartment. After waiting 2 months for our security deposit they told us we weren't getting any money and that we owed them $600 for the windows being dirty, plus some trash they had to take out, they also said we had a pet. We never had a pet of any sorts, plus we didn't even leave a spec of dust anywhere. We finally got out of there and into a nice little four-plex down the road. The girl at the office is sweet and the maintenance always gets done. This might not be a gated community but I have never had an issue here. The grass here sometimes overgrows but they are on it. They pick up trash everyday. I am just glad to be out of there and away from the scam artist that is their front office. Please take my advise and don't move there. Bryce Apartments are way better than them at least the listen to me and dont try to overcharge me plus when i tell them I have a problem they dont wait 3 weeks to come and fix it.
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Bridgewater Retreat

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