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Bridgewater Retreat



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
As a current and soon to be past resident here, I can honestly say, I have no idea how the other people here can say this place is so great and love living here!!! They must be living in a different area then were we are! Now I have lived in some crappy area's, and normally do not grip about things. I accept things for what it is, and move on with my life.... With that said, I am going to say this- THIS PLACE IS AWFUL!!! Some of the "community rules" are you 1.) Must have your Pet on a Leash... In reply to this, the Assistant Managers Rat looking dog is always wondering around... there are stray cats that people feed, and there are residents who NEVER put there dogs on leashes.... And on the same track.. You must Clean Up after your Pet... NO ONE DOES, and the area smells like dog crap! 2.) No More then 2 Guests at the Pool... Today there were about 10-15 at a time in our pool area with the Assistant/Manager/ and other employee's here. So where is the 2 person rule there?? 3.) Assigned Parking... Hmm, that one isn't to bad, but don't have a nice car here, cause some one will scratch it where ever you park it.. 4.) Gatted Community.... Yah when the gates work.. However, there is one gate that is ALWAYS broken and any one can come in off the street... TRUST ME THEY HAVE and tried to pick up my 16year old daughter. I can keep goin on with this, but I will not waist mine or your time. IT is an awful place to try to raise a family... It is not a safe place, or hell clean for that matter. And we cannot wait to leave here!!! Thank god we only signed a 6 month lease~!~~~
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Bridgewater Retreat

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