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Bridgewater Retreat



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
This place is a joke!! They advertise all the amenities like pools and 24 hour maintenance ..but the truth is the pools are closed because they are filthy and they never clean them. They take their sweet time to fix anything... I had to wait over two weeks for them to fix my broken shower and now my air has been broken for 6 days in Texas heat and they tell me we'll ma'am some people have been without air for 2 months!! They think this is acceptable in Texas!! Really ...when I moved in I requested a downstairs apartment because I have back problems and it's hard for me with groceries and things to walk up and down stairs..and hour before I was suppose to be moving in they told me the apartment I was suppose to move in was not ready and they had to give me another apartment which was upstairs and looked nothing like what they showed me..they showed me a newer updated apartment then had me move into a dump!!! Now I'm pregnant and wanted a 2 bedroom..I don't wanna break my lease to move somewhere else so I asked about getting a 2 bedroom which I would pay more for monthly..oh I can but eve though they still have my deposit I have to pay a 200.00 non refundable transfer fee..what the hell is that..even if I wait til my lease is up I still have to pay the transfer fee.. If I move out and come back to rent a 2 bedroom I would not have this fee so why do I have to pay this just to give them more money monthly...they are all full of s**t .. The staff ignore all your complaints and look like they have no idea what they are doing..I suggest they get off their asses and get something done..this is by far the worse place I have ever lived and I will make sure anyone I know never rents from here..they keep running this place like they are they are going to end up with nothing but crackheads and drug dealers here..
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Bridgewater Retreat

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