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Elm Creek

2911 Sycamore Springs Dr

Kingwood, TX 77339



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
You don't know a good thing untill its gone. We lived at Elm Creek for almost 6 years and I would still be living there if we didn't have a job transfer (OHIO). We've seen managers come and go, we've seen problems come and go, but that's apartment living. Where we live now is okay but the rent is very high because its a new apartment complex. Looking back now we really had it made at Elm Creek (age of apt. dosent always mean rundown),rent was reasonable compared to where we are now, cost of living (check, Sperlings best places.com or .net) was better and most of all the schools are much much better (check, Great Schools.net). Now we are facing another job tranfer and its been very hard to find a nice safe place to live and a area with good schools that we can afford (still doing our homework). The only problem i had that really bothered me is that we had a "DISH" for 5 years attached to the inner part of our porch and one day we were asked along with other people by a notice to remove it right away! Yes, it was in our lease that it couldnt be attached to any part of building or porch but the old managers said that we could have it on the (attached) porch. No one ever said anything to us or any one else untill right before we were moving. So read your lease and even if manages tell you you can have or do something that isnt in the lease don't do it you'll only have problems later. Do your homework where ever you go, you can learn alot, just type in the "Search" on your computer to find apts, schools, city info.,crime, things to do etc. I really miss living at Elm Creek, and like i said before, the old saying.... You don't know a good thing untill its gone. It's very true. Happy searching. :)
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Elm Creek

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