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The Strand Apartments

150 Amberwood South

Kyle, TX 78640



Resident · 2019 - 2020
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Office Staff
In April of 2020, I sent the office a 60 day notice of my wife and I vacating our apartment. We received confirmation from management on what our rent would be pro-rated ($475) to since our move out date was July 10th, and we were set in stone. On July 1st, 2020, The Strand charged me $1,348 for the rent for the month of July. Me being a positive person thought this was a simple mistake, and went to go speak with management to try and get the charge reversed. We didn't sign a renewal lease either, so it confused me on how the Strand could charge us the full amount Especially since the contract verified that we would not be a tenant for the 2020 - 2021 year. My wife was sent out of the office in tears and told there was nothing the Strand could do, but even more infuriating, my wife was told this was her fault since she did not manually change the amount listed on her payment portal. This still made no sense to me since we did Not have a contract for the whole month of July, therefore how could they charge us for a full month that wasn't listed on the contract and send my wife out without a check or an invoice for the pro-rated amount owed and agreed upon. I then came home from work and went to the front to speak with management and was approached with the same blame game that my wife had experienced. I told management that it was not about pointing fingers and we should have the ability to reverse the charges, especially since the money was taken by the Strand without authorization (no contract) and there was already a written pro-rated agreement. No responsibility was taken, as a matter of fact I'm still out of pocket for the full amount and gained no resolution in the office other than, "Speak to your bank, there's nothing I can do." On July 10th, she, the management tries to hit me with a returned check fee, for some issue and adds $50 to our amount we owe. Problems arise at apartment complexes, I get it, but this is my absolute first comment I've ever had to leave for a management company that treats their tenants so poorly. If you're looking to be treated okay up front, but sent out the back in tears, then you should rent here.
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The Strand Apartments

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