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Oyster Creek Apartments

105 Any Way St

Lake Jackson, TX 77566



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/21/2012
I lived here for 22 months. Would I recommend it to anyone? Hell no. Read the bad reviews because those are the truths. Whatever you do if you do move in here, get everything in writing otherwise you are screwed on move-out. I owe them over $750, because I was told the extra $20 I paid a month was because I had a pet on new carpet. It was in case the carpet needed to be cleaned or replaced. When I moved out suddenly it was a premium fee I was paying since the carpet was upgraded in my apartment. The following is a list of what else was wrong in my apartment: 1. The bathtub leaked into the downstairs if you took a bath. All you could do was take a shower. Reported to maintenance, never got fixed. 2. Bathtub needed to recaulked. Was on my move-in sheet. Never got fixed. 3. Back door lock kept breaking on sliding glass door. Maintenance would fix, and it would break again. You could walk into my apartment whenever you wanted. 4. Fence gate was falling off it's hinges. Had to put a padlock on it and lift it in order to open it. 5. My A/C kept throwing my main breaker during the summer. 6. People would take up two parking spaces and management doesn't care. 7. The maintenance came into my apartment to fix a cosmetic issue, they felt the blinds needed to be replaced. When I called and asked if anyone had been in my apartment that day without my knowledge, they had moved some of my stuff, management told me no. They said no work had been done in my apartment. Then a few weeks later they say I owe them money for unpaid utilities. It wasn't until I threatened to come up their with all my cancelled checks that they admitted the mistake. 8. The roaches were constantly in my apartment. 9. Finally the worse part of all were the bats. Yes I said plural. One was flying around my apartment. I paged maintenance for an hour with no response. I finally got a net and removed it myself. On move-out I found a dead one in one of my cabinets I never used. When I complained to management about maintenance never answering the pages they were rude and unprofessional. They made it seem like I was stupid because I didn't know I needed to call the city. Hello. Never had bats in an apartment before, so no I didn't know what to do. All in all rent is reasonable but you can find better places to live. I finally moved out into a house, because my monthly mortgage is about the same price of what my loft was costing me. I never recommend this place.
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Oyster Creek Apartments

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