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Bayridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/21/2011
At first I thought, oh this isn't so bad. I was promised a few things that of course never happend. Have major issues with electrical problems, and they still not fixed. The pool is disgusting and always feels like it is loaded with slime. Gross!!! Parking is ok usually. Right outside my apartment I can see a drug deal going down atleast 3 times a week, with my children playing right there. This scares the hell out of me and I don't even let my kids outside anymore. Im so afraid a deal will go bad or something and they wlll start shooting or whatever. The houses behind the apartments are just as trashy. This is all the getto part of Leage City. The AC doesn't work right and our electric bill is approx 250.00 every month. When I had my house with AC, Washer N Dryer, 2 refrigerators and a deep freeze running my electric bill wasn't that high. Roaches are bad, never had a roach issue until we moved to these apartments. Also we have seen a rat in the apartment, and have not been able to catch him. My upstairs neighbor is a big cow who wakes us up at all hours of the night with her banging and stomping. Looking to move ASAP. Lease up or not!! My Kids safety comes first!!! The ONLY good thing about this is the schools are pretty good.
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Bayridge Apartments

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