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Colonial Village at Vista Ridge



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Office Staff
Jessi920 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/05/2006
The day we were schedule to move in, we told them we would be there by 10am. We ran late, and didn't get there until 12pm. My roommate had left about 30 minutes before "the caravan," and she was waiting in the office for the key to our apartment. We were told that they were going to put new carpet in the day before we moved in. We figured by the time we got there, my roommate would be in the apartment waiting for us. We go to the apartment and the door is unlocked so we go in and walk around. The carpet hadn't been changed yet. We find out about 20 minutes later (when the manager finally got around to us) that the carpet people were running late, and it would take about an hour and a half to get the carpet in before we could move in. About a month after we moved in, I came home from work to find my bathroom completly flooded. I call the emergency number and it took the emergency repair guy about 30 minutes to come out. He shut off the water in the bathroom above mine, and left, telling me someone would be back in the morning. The next day 3 guys come in and make a 2 foot hole in my ceiling above my shower. Great that they fixed the leak, but the guy to repair the hole wouldn't be able to come until the next day. The guy never showed, and three more days go by of me calling the office and going up to the office to always find them closed. Finally, someone answers the phone and a little over a week after the flood, the hole in my ceiling was fixed.<br><br>Update:<br>2/15/07<br>So, after all that crap, about a month ago I walked into my bathroom to find it flooded again. I called the office and they didn't answer the phone (not suprised there), so I left a message that was never returned. I find out from my neighbor that the water heater in the apartment above hers busted and that's where the water came from. I went in and complained about my hot water turning brown after I ran it for a while, and they were very prompt in sending someone the very next day. So the maintenance guys come in and run the water for a little while...I think it's just because they were there, but the water didn't turn brown. They told me that since it didn't turn brown, it was probably a one time thing. Now I just know to wash my white clothes first, or else they're going to be stained, because it wouldn't help to alert the management again.<br>Then the night of super bowl Sunday, I got home around 7:30 and parked my car in the lot next to my apartment. The next morning I woke up to find my driver's side mirror hanging from my car. When I went up to the front office, they told me they could fill out a police report and I told them perhaps they should think about getting some form security or some cameras for their parking lots. All that and the other night I took my dog out, and the wind blew a little hard and my door flew open...apparently the knob is broken, so the only way to keep the door closed is to lock it... otherwise I'd have to go hunt down a repair man.<br>
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Colonial Village at Vista Ridge

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