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Crest Manor Apartments



Former Resident · 2016 - 2018
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Office Staff
I lived in Crest Manor for two years. I never had any problems with management during that time and they never had any problems from me. My lease was up August 2018. I had decided to stay in my apartment. I was pregnant at the time. Unfortunately, my son was born July 17 at only 5 months. He did not survive. After leaving the hospital, I left my apartment to stay with my mother a few weeks in my hometown. Naturally, I was not myself. I was traumatized and dealt with a lot of mental and emotional issues. My mother decided that I should not stay alone, and it was definitely the best decision to make, so when my lease was up we went to the apartment, packed up and I moved out. I turned the key in the same day I moved out, the day the lease was up. I talked to someone from Crest Manor a few days later and explained the situation. In December I received an email showing a balance of 1700.00. The email stated that I had 10 days to make the payment or I would be reported to the credit bureau. Crest Manor charged me for two extra months rent. I called to speak with the manager, she was not available but I did explain the situation. I was told she would call me back later that day. She did not. I called a day or two later, she was not in. She didn't call me back until after I called the third time. I explained the situation to her also and she stated that there's was nothing that they could do. She even stated that there had been a woman with cancer who stayed in the apartments at one point and had a similar situation but that nothing was done for her either. I feel it was a horrible statement to make, "We don't care what you're going through or what you've been through, just pay up." I asked to speak with someone higher than her, she gave me a name but could not give me any contact info. I asked for a corporate number, she said there wasn't one. I had no one else I could contact. I didn't have 1700.00 laying around so of course my credit has been affected. All I was asking for was a small break. I would have payed 500, 700....but 1700 dollars no matter what the situation is??? The fact that they didn't care, didn't pretend to care and brushed off my situation like it was nothing, that's immoral. So, they'll come when you put in that work order, they'll tend to you when you walk into an office with a minor situation but when life really hits you, when things happen that are beyond your control, like losing a child or cancer, they could care less.
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Crest Manor Apartments

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