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Fox Hollow Apartments



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blink_amoulthia • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2005
me and my roommate have lived in this apartment complex for about six months now, and it is one of the nicest places i have ever lived, we unfortunatly are having to move to get closer to school and because we knew moving in here we were streching our budget a bit...<br>but as far as the appartment goes it is really nice and we knew from the moment that we saw the unit we wanted to live here, it is huge in comparison to other app. of the same price the managment are the sweetest ladies they know just about everyone by name if i do have a maintance problem (which is usually just my dropping earrings down the sink) when i call the lady at the office is always very symapathic and sends someone out within like ten minutes, unless it is a sunday then you just gonna want til the next day, but most places are like that...<br>yes there are a deal of -------- people that live here but for the most part they are always nice and even help me when i am trying to carry something heavy up the stairs.<br>we have never ever had any kind of bug problem which for people who have spand most of their lives in app. that is a hard thing to find...<br>they have a huge utility room, which we have kinda turned into a art studio...<br>the only problem i really even have with this complex is that there of alot of children, they are not noisy really i just don't like going to the pool with them, but i would have to say that this is a great place for anyone to live that has children, the elm school is right across the street...<br><br>really i love our apartment, and am kinda sad we can't afford to live here anymore!
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Fox Hollow Apartments

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