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Mira Vista Ranch



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Office Staff
05disgusted • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
The latest and greatest comment had to have been written by a staff person. Read on to view the "real life" experiences at the Villas of Highpointe. This place is a joke! Staff is rude, crude and unprofessional. I did actully live there from day 1 and regret the day I ever moved there. TRASH CITY. How could you not meet "picketers" on the sidewalk - give me a break. I'm not sure what you and the staff are trying to pull, but I am making sure that anyone I come in contact with knows the true story of this property. Example: black mold (yes, within a year), dog crap, floors coming up, flooding at your front door (told to stand in line when you complain), speeding cars in the parking lot, leaking windows when it rains, unrelentless noise, cops frequently there, gates don't work half the time and very nasty office staff who treat their good residents like riffraff (I guess they are used to the residents being that way so you get treated like the rest of them). DO NOT MOVE HERE-YOU WILL REGRET IT. And don't believe the staff - they are all liars and thiefs (ask about how many packages disappear from their "locked" room".
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Mira Vista Ranch

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