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hateoaks • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2007
I agree with the other comments on here-the Oaks appears to be nice initially. My roomate and I moved here a little more than a year ago and the lady who showed us the apartment was extremely nice and helpful. However, a month later she was gone and the entire staff that is there right now is incredibly incompetent. We ran into her later and she told us that she had to leave because she didn't like showing apartments that she knew weren't good at all. She nows leases at another apart. complex. Work orders take over two weeks and only are taken care of if you have enough patience and time to call the office over and over again as well as make physical appearances at the office. At one time, we had mice in our apartment. We would literally find mice pellets in the living room, bathrooms and bedrooms. We called and begged for someone to take care of the matter. No one responded. We called and called and everyone was rude and acted like we were making up stories. One lady said she sent the maintenance guy and he found nothing so there was nothing more she could do. I started staying at a friends and we finally threatened to legally break our lease and they sent someone who not only found one, but two mice that had made a hole through the outside patio. We also had a leaking toilet that took 5 days to have fixed. Later we found that no one had taken care of the work order because it had been scrawled onto a post-it note. I'm telling you in all honesty, these apartments are run by the most unorganized, incompetent people. I am stuck here for one more month and I am literally counting down days until I can leave!!! Please stay away from these apartments for your own sake! BTW, the pool out front is only a show pool-it was never open in the summer because of "a broken light." There's another ------ pool in the back that's disgusting. The grass is also kept beautiful in the front but is brown and dead everywhere else. Also, don't let the gate fool you. It has been broken for the last year-I can't remember the last time I used my remote to even open the gate. Also, the manager Darla is non-existent. She is NEVER there...she always happens to be on another line or at lunch or gone for the day so don't bother trying to talk to her. The noise level is ridiculous, our upstairs neighbors sound like they are raising cattle. The water bill is never $20-$30. Our last bill was $60!! Gexa the energy company for this apartmant complex is also HORRIBLE. The absolute worst I have ever had. Good luck!
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