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DieOaks • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
The Oaks of Lewisville have been the single most disgusting, horrifing, frustrating, irratating experience of my life. If you are thinking about renting here. Think twice...no think three times. Don't let the beautiful entry way fool you. I will be the biggest mistake of your life. This was actually my last day in these filthy apartments and I almost cried because I'm finally free. <br>Anything that could possibly be wrong with a apartment is wrong with THESE apartments.<br>The maintenence staff is non existant. Work orders arent filled until you call the office and act like a -----.<br>The office Management is rude, insensitive, unproffesional, incompetent, unorganized, and uneducated. They cant manage to carry on a civilized conversation without telling you their non existant manager Darla will have to get back to you (which she never does)<br>A list of problem my roomate and I had:<br>Mice<br>Leaking pipes in kitchen<br>Leaking toilet<br>Broken laundry doors for the almost two years we lived there<br>Drafty windows<br>Astronomical water bills like 60-70 dollars<br>AND NEED I SAY AGAIN MICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>All of these things took at least two weeks minimum to fix!<br>Just don't do it! Put the pen down! Walk out of the office! Save yourself from a non-working security gate, show pool in front thats never open, rodents running around in apt, ------ people moving in, high water bills, incompetent office staff apartments. Cheap rent is worth the headache! Be smart..... keep looking!
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Oaks of Lewisville

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