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Ovation at Lewisville

2250 S Valley Pkwy

Lewisville, TX 75067



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
I lived here for 1 year and had a few problems. To start I loved the apartment grounds and pool area. The actually apartments themselves are very nice inside and very modern. Price wise I found it to be reasonable for that area so I was okay with that. Generally a very decent apartment and the major problem that occurred was that the staff. When I first moved in there was one staff member, who no longer works there, that made me feel very uncomfortable. He actually stole my phone number from my lease file and texted me from it. Which I'm pretty sure is illegal. That there put a bad taste in my mouth and made me never want to go to the front office to drop off my rent. Thankfully he left or got fired, who knows and who cares. The other staff member that is the absolute worst is ----- (who in other reviews and referred to as the --------). She gave me so much trouble trying to end my lease. I called two weeks in advance to see if something could be done since I would be able to do a walk through before 4 on my move out date since I work till 5. She gave me no options and was no help. I kept trying to be understanding since I work in customer service but all she would do is cut me off by saying "we will call you back". Every time I would try to ask a question she would say the same thing before I could even finish. I got so fed up with it I said okay. Surprise surprise I never got a call back. Come to find out the walk through isn't even required and you have till midnight on the day of move out. She never told me any of that or gave me any other options. She has no customer service skills whatsoever. The only saving point staff wise is ----. If you can ever work with him then living there is totally worth it. He makes everything easy and is so positive. Kudos to ---- to being the only person there that knows what the are doing! Last points.... Parking does suck. If you get home any time after 6 then your gonna be parking far away form your building no matter where you are. Not a big deal for most. Not sure if it was just the people above me but I could hear EVERY step they took. I swear they would be up there playing basketball. If you live on the 2nd floor above a garage it is VERY loud when it opens or closes. If you don't have to deal with the front office, care about parking, and can tolerate noise. I would recommend living here, if you like the Lewisville area.
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Ovation at Lewisville

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