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Ovation at Lewisville

2250 S Valley Pkwy

Lewisville, TX 75067



Prospective Resident · 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
So when you drive into this complex (Ovation) it is just wonderful. Walking into the office it smells clean and a nice staff welcomes you when they are not with another person or family. However, it does go downhill from there. The staff went over all the details with me and what I would need to do to apply. Both women an older lady(same lady mentioned in another review) and what I found out days later was the manager told me how they run their applications. I went in a few days later to give them money to hold the apt while I filled out an online app. When I walked in a man saw me waiting and helped me, as I walked by the older lady she said (while with another possible renter) "She's my lease!" What a why to make a person feel like they are picking the right place to rest their eyes, instead of extra money in their check. I completed the app online that night. The next day when I didn't hear anything from them I called before they closed. I got the response that the manager wasn't there and it will be worked on the next day. THREE DAYS later I get a voice mail saying I was turned down. I called back and she(old lady) said I was turned down. She referred me to a 3rd party as to why I was turned down. I asked her why am I hearing about this 3 days later and she said "management wasn't around". So expect that folks!!! BTW next door/across the street is the same management company and same manager. I didn't give up though. I called the 3rd party company and they didn't see a reason to turn me away. So I went to the complex to get my refund on the hold of the apt and asked to speak to the manager. She was in the office in the back with a big glass window and glass door wide open taking a personal call and knew I was waiting, did not make any attempt to place the person on a brief hold to speak with me. I stood and waited and then I just decided to walk out and never go back to this place. They also called my friend I think for a reference and when he called back they were to busy to talk to him and wanted him to call back!!! yeah because they wanted him that he is the one who is being made to call them back I found it to be extremely unprofessional. By the end of my day I ended up paying for the app fee and I asked the older lady multiple times if the manager could please call me as soon as she is free, she kept saying yes she will have her call me...... I'm still waiting!!!!! BTW if you are a resident or want to become one and you receive packages frequently, I stood and witness the office staff telling the Fedex driver over and over again that a person did not pick up their package and the driver saying right back that he had dropped it off the evening before(not even 24 hours old)... old lady (staff) just kept saying take it back and their system was down THE DAY BEFORE to see if the package was addressed to a resident there or not. I stood there (while waiting for the manager to get off that personal call to come talk to me) watched this happen and watched as the Fedex man was then ignored and so he did what he could by calling his leader and seeing if he had to take it back or wait another business day. Yay Fedex man!!! Back Staff at Ovation.
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Ovation at Lewisville

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