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Parkway Gardens



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Beepbop • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
Ok, Im currently a resident of Hunters Crossing (love it) but i just decided to move because i have a little boy, and the place is getting to small. Well I went to go fill out an app in Ashton Ridge. I put a 200 deposit down and everything. Well it took 3 days for them to tell me i was approved, but i had to put down a double deposit because the manager said so...Well I asked to speak to the manager and she told me I had bad credit, and thats the reason i had to pay a double deposit..Mind you even though I have lived in Oak Hollow and Hunters Crossing I have never had a lease in my name..So I knew something was up with that.I was supposed to get a small discount for working at a nearby business..My first months rent would have been 700 dollars, not including the discount becuase for some reason, that doesnt start until the 2nd month you live there...Oh and heres something...They basically told me I had to pay the extra 200 because I wasnt going to get my deposit of 200 dollars back, because i was approved already..(so why pay 200 more dollars???) I didnt know my 200 was non-refundable until after they told me i had to put a double deposit down....I got mad and asked questions, and basically they were telling me i was stuck...5 minutes after i hung up, i guess they knew i felt something was up, so they told me the apartment they wanted to put me in had a leak in the ceiling, so i could either wait for another one to come available, or get my money back...I got my money back. Im sorry if you live in Ashton Ridge, but even though it is under new management from Mill Park, the theives just moved in the office from the apartments. Anyway I went to go rent from one of the best apartments in longview and got approved. they told me there was nothing on my record except for a 5yr old misdemeanor. something that happend back in High School. So I do believe Ashton Ridge was trying to get me for 200 dollars..
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Parkway Gardens

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