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The Gilmer at 701

701 Gilmer Road

Longview, TX 75604



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
First and foremost, an apartment is an apartment. In other words, you can't demand too much because it is an apartment NOT A HOME. I have been at Regency Park for almost two years so I will be plain and honest. At first it was pretty good, now it's HORRIBLE. I'm not sure what happened but I cannot wait to move. The Good: It is affordable, roomy, and mostly clean. There are some nice people living there and there is always some free food in the office. The rest: -The property itself is very pretty (for an apartment) but with that being said the landscaping people are there ALL THE TIME!! I will hear mowing right outside my window for 2-3 hours...it's a 2x10 stretch of grass so I do not understand what takes so long. -There IS a courtesy officer but he is absolutely useless. He either a) won't show up at all b) isn't effective c) TAKES FOREVER. If you have a noise complaint, you better handle it yourself or wait till you can catch someone in the office (good luck with that). -Maintenance isn't bad but unfortunately this apartment refuses to hire people who have ch/ca experience. There is one. This is Texas. So if your air conditioner goes out (and they do regularly because they are just too cheap to replace them), get ready because they will bring you ONE mold infested window unit to cool your two bedroom apartment. I waited 9 days to have my ac fixed, it was absolutely horrible. The window unit was filthy and came to me with a light stating "Please Change Filter". So they gave me a single DIRTY window unit to cool my two bedroom apartment with MOLD...it played havoc on my asthma until it was gone. -I have read other reviews on here and it is very true they will blame you for the maintenance issues. They want to argue about EVERYTHING. When my AC went out, they actually sent someone over to 'see if I was operating it correctly'. Are you serious?! They are also very cheap in repairing things. My ac was over THIRTY YEARS OLD and instead of replacing it they wanted to try to replace parts. All they will give you is excuses, excuses, excuses. I would have been so happy to hear a simple "I am so sorry you are experiencing this, we will get right on it" instead of excuses. -The complex is INCREDIBLY NOISY! If you work night shift or want peace and quiet this is definitely not the place for you. We have had ongoing issues with our neighbors blaring music all the time and were informed they were evicted...that was two months ago and they are still there. We have called the courtesy officer 7 times and Longview PD twice. BE PREPARED! The walls are super super SUPER thin. I can hear people walking upstairs, I can hear my neighbors upstairs peeing (awkward). I can hear someone sneezing next door. The floors and walls are so thin when someone is walking normally it sounds like a herd of elephants. Kids run around screaming and blowing whistles (literally), they also throw juice boxes and wrappers EVERYWHERE which is a blast when you are walking a dog. -There is never anybody in the office...EVER. Or they just won't pick up the phones. I have literally called and called (7 times in a row) to get someone to pick up and FINALLY someone will. The door will say "gone to meeting" or say they are gone to some charity, that's great they want to participate in the community and improve themselves but how about you hire someone else to at least answer phones when you aren't there instead of shutting the whole office down. Genius. There are literally 3 people in the main office, do the math. Parking is a complete nightmare. They are trying to get people to start using parking stickers. Fantastic. They'll never check it. And that isn't the problem. It's the huge jacked up vehicles and ------ cars that take up two spaces. Speaking of cars, they have had people breaking into vehicles. I even saw a thunderbird get it's tires slashed. It's not really their fault, just be aware that this isn't the best part of town. So all in all, it's a typical apartment. Noisy, rude office people, etc. But again, you can't demand an apartment to be a home. Although I went to Oklahoma State University and stayed in dorms quieter and better maintained than these apartments. In short, it's not the worst I've been at but it's far far FAR from even being 'good'. To ----- (who I know will reply to this apologizing profusely): I know you are sorry and want to make it look like you care. I know you will state I need to come talk to you in person. I've tried. THREE TIMES! Every time I go up there you are gone. When we complained about the AC even someone in the office (no names) said it's a lease violation on YOUR part and you should compensate in some form or fashion but we can never get in touch with you. So instead I'm writing this review and hope I spare someone from the troubles. I appreciate there is only so much you can do but I have never been late on rent, you've never had a complaint about me, I've been a model resident. I am not stating I should get special treatment I just thought you would be more interested in keeping my business than the 18 years old running around blaring their music. I suggest you try listening to your negative reviews and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THEM instead of just apologizing. *Since the person below basically called me a liar here is proof of the moldy window unit I was given while my air conditioner was broken for NINE DAYS. If you need more proof I am happy to scan my maintenance request and when it was actually fixed as well as my call history to the courtesy officer and Longview PD. I am not out to get Regency Park I simply wanted to spare someone from having a bad experience. My single review is not going to put them out of business. I simply want my opinion and experiences taken seriously without questioning my honesty.*
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The Gilmer at 701

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