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The Gilmer at 701

701 Gilmer Road

Longview, TX 75604



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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I moved to Regency Park during the summer of 2011. This has been a wonderful experience so far... except for one thing. Regency has seem to become a fire hazard! The apartments across from us were set fire by roofers and the entire building was destroyed. Six weeks later, our heating system caught on fire. Two fires in six weeks seems to be a little much for my taste. As I said, everything else has been great. I have great neighbors, my parking situation is wonderful, and the manager is an absolute sweetheart. However, I am finding it hard to feel safe in my own apartment sometimes. Blame it on paranoia, but isn't the feeling of safety the second tier of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? I understand that accidents happen, but two fires is a bit ridiculous. I feel that I would recommend Regency Park, but only if I knew that an annual maintenance screening on hazardous equipment took place. GET RENTER'S INSURANCE!!!
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The recent fire also has me paranoid. That was absolutely a devastating experience. Yes, it was caused by a vendor and not related to any mechanical issues in the the buidling at all. When your heater caught fire, I questioned maintenance extensively, on why and how it could have happened. I even spoke to the A/C -Heating company we use during the summer. You had a problem that could not have been predicted or prevented. If you would like to stop by the office, I would be glad to have the maintenance explain to you exactly what happened. It will take someone more experienced in this than myself to explain it. Back in the summer, we installed additional smoke alarms per the new fire codes, we update and inspect our fire extinguishers yearly. That was just completed for 2013. As part of the process of getting an apartment ready for a new move in, we have to check all the wiring, etc in the heating and a/c units. Thank you for being patient while we got your new inside unit in and working. If you would like to talk to me, please come by the office. I AGREE, GET RENTER"S INSURANCE. We stress its importance at move in.

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The Gilmer at 701

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