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Towne Oaks North Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
We have been a resident now one week, rented the apartment three weeks ago but just moved in, first the apartment was either cleaned very poorly, or not at all, except the carpet was cleaned. The day before the movers arrived none of the defects were repaired or cleaned (their corrective action sheet was submitted)I had to scrub the floors in the bathrooms, kitchen, shovel a bushel of leaves and trash off the deck, the master shower doors were standing in the bathroom, toilets were really bad one had left over in the bottom, the toilet handle would stick and run, showers were filty, refrig had sticky materials all over and mod in the inside, the windows were filty as well making the aptartment dark, when trying to was them found that they were covered with paint over spray. After attempting to contact someone and leaving a message I was unable to get anyone to call me back. The day the movers came we found a basket with six puppies setting at the front door that had been dumpted off, again after attempts to make contact with anyone no one returned the call, finally we did catch them in the office and everyone acted like oh well, to bad for me, they got their rent and my tough luck. The next day a maintenance person did come by and make repairs to things he was to fix and was very nice and the only one who expressed any remorse for all of the issues we were dealing with. Next came trying to get sat. tv connected, can't do it because of the trees, called the office again and found out that was true and the office staff knew it but failed to let the customer know about it till after we moved in and they had their rent, so they told me you will have to have cable in thet one (and only apt)I call the only cable company and they said they have never had service to that apartment, ever and would have to see if it can be connected or not but now of coarse not till after the Christmas holiday maybe. I am very upset that all of this has happened and if the cable company comes back they can not hook up I'm going to get very upset, witholding information from new tentants, others have also told me about simular issues mainly with the office staff. The apartments are or can be very nice and are not in real bad condition as far as we can tel presently, has good amount of space, and storage, sound proofing isn't really great but they seem to be older units but not bad, the parking is good except all the commerical vehicles that park next to you can be a pain. It is to bad that the office staf or management or very lacking is as poor as it is because they could be very nice apartments if the work they pay to have done was really done and they cared about their customers. If you have had good experiences here I'm glad for you because I have have more than enough of bad experiences for everyone there.
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Towne Oaks North Apartments

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