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Towne Oaks North Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2012
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Office Staff
I am a resident here at Towne Oaks and have been for 4 years now. I feel like I have been here through the good and the bad. I came across this website almost by accident, but im glad I did! I have read the reviews and I would like to get a few things clear to all the newcomers. Last year at this time this complex was in the shitter, litterally!! The people that were working here didnt seem to care about much except what they were gonna do Saturday night. I have seen a major turnaround in this place since they replaced maintenance and office staff. The people that are here now actually want to work, and that is extremely important to me. I can say that all my work orders that I have turned in have been fixed quickly, unless they have to order a part or something, and thats to be expected. Although most people would love to live in a maintenance free apartment, its simply not gonna happen. The new manager is very nice and is very knowledgable. I can say that every time I have been in there to she has always come out to greet me with a smile and when I leave she tells me to have a great day! Her door IS always open!! I had a few concerns and she addressed every single one of them!! These people that are writing reviews on here need to get up to speed and realize that this is an apartment complex and some of the things that are being complained about are very petty! If they say that they are gonna fix it then im sure that they will. I have lived in many brand new apartments and these are by far better even though they are older. For the lady with the 2x4 for a countertop, I think thats pretty neat and kind of gives it that rustic feel! Not many people eat at their counters anymore anyway. Also, you put up many dollars signs coming across like you paid alot of money for A 2x4. Last time I checked it wasnt gonna break the bank! As far as the tiles falling off, tiles age and do that. Gorilla glue is wonderful cause it sticks to any surface! I dont judge a complex by things like that, I go for price!! And this place is my permanent home and im extremely happy with the new changes!! Get your facts straight people!! Write about things that have some kind of significance. Everyone is tired about hearing about work orders not being fixed! We all know they are! If you were in your own house you would have to handle it yourself, so PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON AND DEAL WITH IT!
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Towne Oaks North Apartments

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