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Arbor Gardens Apartment



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
Things started out alright but the complex upkeep, appearance and maintenance has quickly degraded over the past 6 months. I have lived in worse places and although all utilities included (aside from gas) is nice, numerous issues have become worse despite me bringing it up nicely to the staff (I am not picky or a negative Nancy, I have asked and written polite notes to management about issues). For instance, garbage spilling out of the dumpsters is continuously spreading across the complex without being picked up. There is an old hot water heater and fridge that have been sitting in the parking area for several weeks now. ALL of the lights in the parking area suddenly stopped working over a month ago, after asking the manager about what happened he said they would be back on shortly and several weeks later the parking area is still very dark as much of the other exterior lights are burnt out and not replaced. Recently I came home at night and saw a man walk off the street walking around the parking lot suspiciously. The pool was closed much of August-September due to kids throwing metal lawn furniture into the pool turning it green (this happened twice in two months). The noise of the kids running around outside does not bother me, but the barking of dogs that other tenants leave out on their balconies ALL the time (or running freely without leashes or collars) has gotten old, especially when it occurs at 11pm on a weeknight. Noise carries very well through the units, our neighbors downstairs decided to buy their son a drum set which we can hear him play clearly through the floors. The maintenance staff is polite and they get job requests done, but I cannot say they get done in a timely manner compared to all other apartments i've lived in. Overall my roommate and I cannot wait to move out of this complex once our lease ends, I strongly suggest avoiding this complex and if you do take a look, don't be fooled by the promises of how they are cleaning it up and improving it, as it has only gotten worse since I moved in last summer.
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Arbor Gardens Apartment

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