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Arbor Gardens Apartment



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
Well I have lived here for a while now and let me start off by saying they are big apartments just hope nothing in your apartment breaks down cause it will not get fixed.There was suppose to be a dog breed restriction but like most rules here not followed,here is another rule all residents must pick up your dogs poop and well lets just say the employes also have dogs and you damn sure don't see them picking up their dogs poop,Dogs are also aloud to stay on the balcony's and just walk around the property pooping on everything with no owner in sight.They are always barking and chasing people around the complex.There is no light in the court yard so be careful of the poop.The pool is a swamp that has been mostly drained but still smells.There is garbage every where no one picks up the complex.The laundry room well lets just hope at least one of the washers work when you get out there.There is suppose to be assigned parking but yeah that doesn't work.Oh also if it is winter be careful cause the homeless will get into the foyers cause no one shuts the doors.Speaking of no one shuts the doors there was a rule that if your foyer door is propped open the whole pod gets a 50 dollar fine but the people running this place do it all the time,lets just say if you kiss managements butt then you wont have to listen to the rules either.They have been saying for a year now that they will be fixing things around the complex and that is laughable since hardly anything has been done.
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Arbor Gardens Apartment

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