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Bentwood Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
Aside from the rave from the neighbors behind me, the marching band above me, and the neighbors caty-corner who can't shut a door unless slamming it (causing the entire apartment to shake). . .and the pipes that sound like screaming banshees. . .and the trash constantly left in the parking lot. . .and the dog excrement left in the laundry facility. . .and the courtesy officer who never comes. . .and the overpriced rent. . .and the after hours answering service being utterly incompetent. . .and the heater breaking 3 times. . .a/c breaking twice. . .and the lack of water 3 times (due to pipes breaking all over my specific building) that again, the answering service did not even know about. . .and the lack of storage space in the kitchen. . .and the general lack of storage space. . .and the problem with chronic biting ants in the bathroom (I keep my apartment utterly immaculate and I've had them "sprayed for" 3 times. . .and the fact that the fireplace has needed cleaning and maintenance refused to do it. . .and the fact that I couldn't get weatherstripping on my sliding glass door (again, no maintenance). . .Actually, on second thought, I would never recommend this place.<br><br>I've been given the run around about everything. I asked if I could have an electric thermostat installed because my current one was going 10 degrees over or 5 degrees under and I got a replacement unit, not digital however that does the same thing. When I told them that my ceiling fan in my living room was broken and wouldn't go on "medium", I was told that was just how they were eventhough my bedroom one does have a medium setting. <br><br>I was told I would get an apartment near covered parking and yes, it's only an 8 minute walk away, but I was looking for something remotely convenient.<br><br>The pools aren't terribly well kept and they are not heated so in the desert they're enjoyable for maybe a week out of the year.<br><br>This place is exactly the same as Canyon Crossing, I would expect the exact same problems only possibly better management over there.<br><br>This is a great apartment if you're 18 years old and only want to annoy the piss out of everyone else.<br><br>The girls who work the office are sweet as sugar and do their job as well as they possibly can but the apartments just don't make up for the fact that I was looking for a quiet apartment to study in and I could have gotten a house for the same price.<br><br>If you're moving to Lubbock, get a house.
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Bentwood Apartments

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