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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2007
This place is honestly ridiculous. I thought they were kind of pretty with the pond and nice landscaping when I first moved in. In about a month we started having problems. <br><br>Everytime we turned on the heating or air conditioning it didnt work. <br>The maintenance claimed to have fixed it about 3 or 4 times. <br>The office will fine you for the most simple of things. Don't even think you can sit on your balcony in one of the dining chairs with less than a 100 dollar fine.<br><br>TABC is always circling the parking lot so anyone who wants to drink should probably not be there. Good luck ever having a party or get together without being busted eventually.<br><br>The place is loud all the time. I'm a college kid so I'm up for partying, but not on Wednesdays @ five in the morning. My bedroom was aligned with the Kitchen so I heard everything my room-mates ever cooked or said. <br><br>I can only remember the hot-tub working one of the times we went to it. We went to it a lot, but it was always freezing. <br><br>The furniture was disgusting. The couch cushions smelled like urine. When we removed the cover to wash them we found really disgusting stains all over them. Also these are probably the most uncomfortable pieces of furniture ever. <br><br>The whole apartment is just comercialized "junk". They slap up this student housing so fast they don't take into account quality. <br><br>The management would just walk into our apartment randomly. We came home many times and found our door unlocked from them forgetting to lock it after being in there. They usually had no reason to be in our apartment. One of the many times they walked in they were snooping around the kitchen until we walked out and asked what they were doing there ... they acted startled and claimed they must be in the wrong apartment.<br><br>I'm really not that hard to please, but I was un-happy the whole time I lived here. The management was just ridiculous. I was completely miserable.<br><br>DONT LIVE HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE NO DESIRE TO BE HAPPY
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