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Fox Run Apartments



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SlyAnnie • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/09/2017
Describe my Experience at Fox Run Apartments Lufkin Tx. So when we first moved into Fox Run we thought the place was going to be a nice new home. Yeah right, a few of the residents here are disgusting, every day there is fresh litter on the ground and hairnets stuck in the bushes. The dumpsters are usually overflowing with garbage and the very WORST part of the entire complex has a nasty roach infestation. I beg any one who is about to waste their money and time on this apartment complex to rethink it. They apartments "Spray" the buildings regularly but it does little to combat the infestation. I know I kept my apartment well maintained and clean up until move out day. I would come home from work and open my door to find tiny roaches crawling all over my walls, clean dishes, furniture and more. I shutter to think about if they where crawling on me when I was sleeping. I turned in 3 written notices of pest complaint towards the end of my lease as the bugs progressively got worse. Even once I moved out, I had a few boxes left in the apartment and upon coming back to pick them up I am having to deal with the roaches. I am not talking about just a few bugs, I sat down and only a few minutes later I already felt something crawling on my arm. We have had to spend tons of money ourselves to bomb our new house and furniture to get rid of the bugs after moving. Not to mention frequently the entire apartments water will just stop working. Nothing better than being in the middle of your shower all soaped up and the water goes cold and then shuts off. I absolutely HATED my entire stay at Foxrun Apartments. I have lived in other apartment complexes and this one was my worst experience by far. Another thing to think about, I NEVER had any scratches in my car until I moved here. Now it looks like an angry Edward scissor hands attacked my car. About 5 months into moving here some one used a key to deliberately scratch the entire drivers side door handle up. I got so many new dings and scratches its unreal. A neighbor of mine said his gas was syphoned out of his tank after filling it up full that night. So to top of my review if you like NASTY roaches, trashy sidewalks, loud rude neighbors, and dings in the side of your car, welcome home.
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Fox Run Apartments

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