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Lakes of El Dorado Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2005
My friend lives in these apartments and is always complaining to me about them. I have gone over there several times and do NOT feel safe. I dont know if they do background checks on there residents or not. There is always children running and destroying things everywhere, especially in the morning when I go to pick her up, the kids at the bus stop are rude and always trying to break something up there. Her neighbors suck also.......I have never once walked up to her apartment and have seen no trash on the ground....beer bottles, cigerette packs..ect. Everytime I walk up to her door there are weird people sitting outside in the driveway always cat calling and staring...creepy. The neighbors play there music loud, not even good music at that. Getting something fixed takes forever....numerous time I have been over and something has been broke and never fixed in a timely manner. Here is a good one, the people around there are so low they are stealing gas out of peoples gas tanks!(get a job broke -------------) Thankgod she has a lock on hers. I told her she needs to leave asap, before something bad happens there or to her. Dont move here unless you WANT to be in the ------!!!
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Lakes of El Dorado Apartments

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