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ReNew McKinney

600 S Graves St

Mckinney, TX 75069



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cdenib • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
When I moved in this apartment in March of 06 I was enticed by the price and the size of the apartment. I liked the apartment that they showed me but I was given another apartment to move into. <br><br>I moved my stuff in the first day I saw the apartment and they did little to nothing to make the apartment ready for move in. The bathrooms were disgusting, the cabinets are falling apart, the electical outlets won't even support a cord in them, the railings are wobbily and unsafe. I had to replace the toilet seat cover myself because the one that was on there was so disgusting.<br><br>Then came the summer. During the summer the heat rose to over 100 degrees and yet my apartment never got under 90. After a while it just quit cooling. Because of my work hours I was unable to be here when and if maintenance ever came by and when I got home it was over 100 degrees. I called their answering service and, after calling and begging them three times, she finally told me the maintenance man was not answering his pages. So much for 24 hour maintenance.<br><br>It took them 3 days to even come over to look at the air conditioner in 100 degree weather. My friend works in Heating and AC. We came home to find the maintenance man working on the AC so my friend went over and took a look. The maintenance man had put the fan on backwards.<br><br>Finally they got the AC fixed but not before, after the maintenance man left the thermostat on at about 60 degrees while the AC tried hard to make it that but couldn't, I got the $400 electric bill. All the manager could say to me was "Oh well, everyone's electric bill is high this time of year."<br><br>On to the winter. The problem I have been dealing with now is roaches. Disgusting, disease carrying roaches. They are everywhere. Tonight I moved my printer and there were a whole bunch of them under the power source. I guess because it was warm. No wonder they have been crawling all over the walls. This is the single most disgusting thing I have ever, ever EVER had to deal with in an apartment. I asked for them to come spray and I was told that they would Tuesday. Now it is Saturday and no one has come out. The manager told me "Well, it's cold. Everyone has roaches this time of year".<br><br>What is worse is that a tennant I talked to told me that she is on Section 8 and that, by law, they are required to fix this and that she doesn't have roaches. I pay my full rent every month and I have to sit in this roach ridden apartment.<br><br>DO NOT MOVE HERE. IT'S THE WORST PLACE I HAVE LIVED. THE MANAGEMENT IS COMPLETELY IMCOMPETENT.<br>
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ReNew McKinney

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