Soho Parkway Apartments
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Soho Parkway Apartments

6653 McKinney Ranch Parkway , McKinney, TX 75070
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Resident 2012


The only thing I like about this place is that the kitchen is huge. This is the list of things that I've had problems with: 1. Our air conditioner has broken 5 times now. It always breaks on my day off (which isn't their fault but still) So I go to tell the office that it has broken yet again and i go back to my apartment desperatly trying to relax but I can't. Why? Because it's 91 degrees in my apartment. I waited all day for someone to come and noone came. I've wasted so many days with this. I could sleep some nights because it got so hot. 2. Lets face it, its ------. There are cigarettes everywhere and someone even had the nerve to put a bag of trash in front of my door. I had a table outside my door. People used it as an ashtray. The apartments fined me for the table being out, deeming it "trash". It was not trash before people used it as an ashtray. What kind of scumbag does that? 3. Our bathroom leaks. It leaked when we moved in and it took them 4 months to fix it.… See More>
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    Resident 2012


    So far so Good

    I have lived here for over a year. I love it! I have had no problems that are talked about on here. They have changed the manager a few times but I have lived in apartments for a long time and they are always changing. The nice thing is they are always having parties. So getting the all of the people together and getting to meet your neighbors. Plus not having to make dinner for one is nice. I love the pool here its the nicest I have seen. The maintenance men are so friendly and helpful. If they see me caring bags to the apartment they are so nice to stop and help me. Thats why I love living here. The whole staff is so nice and go out of the way to make me feel like they really care.

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      Resident 2011 - 2012


      Better !

      I can honestly say that Soho has gotten so much better here in the past 5-6 months. I seriously thought about moving out and even put in my notice back in January 2012 and the office called me to ask if I would renew my lease and give them a chance since it was new management/staff/maintenence. Im not going to lie I really didnt want to hear what they had to say since to me the damage was already done, but I gave in and took the chance and boy am I glad I did!! The new staff is GREAT including the maintenence who is very helpful even if that means coming to the apartment for a work order (which is always done in a promt amount of time) and while he was there he asked if I needed help with anything else and even offered to help me hang the curtian rod I was working on.. Thank you Soho maintenence staff. Overall I think there has been WONDERFUL change to the property! Looks great, friendly staff, beautiful clean pool, fun new events ALL THE TIME for the residents! They are doing a fantastic job!

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        Resident 2010 - 2012


        Alexan to SOHO

        I have lived here since May 2010. I have seen the management change and for a while it was bad. Thought of moving out, which I hate moving. In the past 5 months the changes that the new management has done are great. They now clean/blow out the dirty breezeways (which was nasty. I dont see dog poop all over. I know that is the pet owners responiblity to pick up after them but lets face it they dont. Summer time is here and I was starting to dread the pool but now that we have these pool passes I think it will be alot better. Last year people would come from all over the place. Now Im glad that we the rent payers will be able to use the pool. The pool is large and resort style which draws you in. Over all SOHO has changed, I would diffently recommend it.

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          Resident 2011 - 2012


          Dont Judge a book by it's cover

          Don't judge a book by it's cover is this place..... looks good until you open the book and see what it's really all about. I have been here over a year been through 3 management companies and they need new management now....Nothing but issues the office is a joke i try to avoid it as much as possible. I send my husband each month to the office to pay rent cause i don't want to deal with them. -------- the asst manager is disrespectful, she got loud and rude in front of my son, ask for the corporate number gave us the wrong number. They tried to change my lease in the middle of a lease increasing my monthly payment and lowering my deposit...Really.... ever since this last management came in the maintenance declined pool is always dirty now, gym is disgusting, pest control is out of control and were being billed a monthly fee for them not controlling the pest. Now the quality of the apartment yes looks nice with granite counter,comes with washer and dryer,and what else comes included free of charge is the noise of your neighbors talking, walking, hearing their tv's and subwoofers, tracking lights… See More>
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            Resident 2011 - 2012


            DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!

            Nothing has changed its ------ and DEF not a place to have children! I asked about everything written on here before I moved in and they assured me everything was different NOT the only thing that is different is that i have not seen a dead body or over dose but who knows because the cops are here every night! The property manager does nothing to fix the problems here instead hey lets bring more ------ people in so i can fill the place up. There is nothing but people that party and sell drugs that live here and the few of us that are forced to be here by a lease. Oh and beware when you sign the lease it looks great but have the ---- in there they dont honor. -------- is rude she is the assistant property manager i think the staff has changed already and she is even rude the pregnant girl is the only one worth a damn and always looks like the oonly one that gets anything done!!!! Most of them act like your always putting them out by making them do their job. I have complained on my neighbors enough for them to… See More>
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              Resident 2011 - 2012


              if you are looking for more stress in your life - here it is.

              Maintenance is at it worst imaginable levels. Previous owners at least changed air filters periodically. Forget about that with current cheapo management - breathe dust. Noise isolation none - I can hear neighbor snoring. Police & fire trucks on premises every other night. Strange cars roaming at night. Employees are some of the rudest, most unprofessional and unhappy people I've ever seen around.

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                Resident 2011


                Worst ive ever lived in

                Managment esp -----, is HORRIBLE. So are the maitinence. Ive had a problem in my apartment with my dish washer since I first moved in and that was 7 months ago! Ive called, left messages, talked to maitinence, and even have gone to the office and they still havent done a thing! Letting me live in mold.. I hate these apartments and the managment. I wouldnt recommend these apartments ever. I feel like Im getting scammed. Everyone here is lazy and dont do anything around the apartments to improve and make us happy. Whatever happened to customer service? I pay almost 1k for bs management...

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                  Resident 2011


                  SOHO IS GREAT!

                  I moved in a month ago but leased before the new staff started.The day I moved in there was no problems at all aand the staff was so nice and helpful to my family . They even have a courtsey service with a 30 minute time slot to help you hang or move things when you move in. I always see them late there and everything has been great!Thank you SOHO and great job Lisa with the new staff, definatly a Nordstrom like- experiance! The girls before would not even talk to you when I leased my apartment. Christine

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                    prospectiveVisited 2011


                    Credibility to these reviews

                    I typically take these reviews with a grain of salt because it's primarily a platform to complain. However, I went to check these out today and I can tell you I was put of by my leasing agent. Her name is Sherez and she doesn't care about much. She barely spoke and when I inquired about some of the issues brought up in these reviews she confirmed most of them. They acknowledge that there's not enough parking and they don't intend to do anything about it, her response, "that's the way the place was built". People were parked onto the field which she said is an everyday occurrence. No assigned parking. They don't care. Also, the pictures on their website make this place look way better than they are. The pool and gym are grossly exaggerated. The apartment I was shown had some things needing to be fixed and it smelled like smoke. Her response, "it's the only one we've got". Forget about a tour of any kind, it wasn't even offered! Handed me paperwork to fill out app and said go sit in clubhouse and fill out. I HAD TO ASK… See More>
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                      Resident 2010


                      Don't do it.....

                      We had little issues when the apartment complex was Alexan Parkway, but when the new owners came in (SoHo Apartments) everything changed. I currently live in a building where my neighbors fight constantly due to noise. They beat on each others doors and the cops come out on a daily/weekly basis to deal with them. I'm caught in the middle and hear everything. The apartment complex refuses to do anything about it. Oh yes, and we got this "letter" a month ago stating that there was a drug overdose in the complex and a dead body was found in the field next door. Instead of them saying how unfortunate the incidents were they wrote "we would like to remind you that overdoses are common in today's society.... make sure you are using your alarms and lock your doors". On the back of this ridiculous letter was the new pool rules stating "no volley ball in the pool". How unprofessional can you be.... "oh we have two deaths in a week, but it's common so don't worry about it... and here are the new pool rules". They set up a new online payment… See More>
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                        Resident 2009


                        New people

                        Move in here if you want the tramp in the office to hit on your boyfriend. We have been here since they opened, and never had an issue. Now there is a girl named Kristen or Kirsten or ... Chae who apparently has NO IDEA what boundries are. Is this a brothel or an apartment complex? I cannot wait for our lease to be up. Don't even think about submitting a work order! Do it yourself for quicker service.

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                          Resident 2011


                          Dead Body!

                          Dead body found in a field next to the apartments is what the flyer says that the management sent out to everyone that lives in SoHo Parkway. Not only that, there also was an apparently unrelated drug overdose DEATH at the apartments, that's TWO! I would stay far away from SoHo Parkway if I were you. They go on to say that drug overdose deaths are common. They may be, but there is nothing common about a drug overdose death along with a body in a nearby field. The flyer continues saying to always leave a light on in your home when you are away to give the criminals the appearance that you are home. This may detour them from making you their next victim. Does reading that make you feel safer? Exactly! The new management doesn't know what they are doing and has let the place spiral downhill for some months now. The drinking and partying around the pool is out of control, people show up to the pool with cases of beer and nothing has been done about it. The flyer that talked about the deaths also said that they were going to crack down on the drinking.… See More>
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                            Resident 2011



                            Like everyone else is saying, do not rent at "SOHO PARKWAY". When we signed our lease we were told the wait for a garage was about a month which we were ok with, now 5 months later when i ask the new management about garages they have no idea about anything. There is no place to park. Dog ---- everywhere. Cigarette butts all over the hallways. Sandy pool. Beer cans, cigarettes over flowing in the pool trash cans. Pool is full of sand, and cloudy. If you live by the street, dont plan on getting any sleep due to the motorcycles that like to hit the rev limiter in first gear thinking they are cool.

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                              Resident 2010 - 2011


                              Was awful!

                              These apartments are super nice in the inside....ok done with the positives. Do not rent here!!!! Ever!!! If your on the fence, get off! Everything people write is true! The noise is insane! Tons of kids just running everywhere! Seriously! And when it rains, they play in the hallways and on the stairs! Management doesn't care either. At all. Rent at the place across the street. Don't rent here! Don't renew! You have been warned! I'm trying to get my friend at the Dallas observer to write about the degredation of these apartments. He did a piece on it when it was Alexan and how it was upscale McKinney class. He is coming to stay at my place on 5/6/2011. Should be an easy article to write.

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                                Resident 2010 - 2011



                                This is my first apartment, out on my own. When I first came I felt so welcomed and comfortable in my space and management was so nice, friendly and helpful. It was sooo quiet and peaceful. Since new management came in, it has felt cold. New tenants are loud and dirty.. they leave their trash outside their door, as well as several cigerette buds. Before, there were fines for such acts, however, now it seems like the trash has gotten out of control. Especially, by the dumpsters. The walls are very thin, and since new tenants have come, it seems to be way too loud. I called for maintenance the second week of new management. They assured the first day it would be solved or I'd get a call. It was not fixed, nor did I get a call. I called the second day, and they apologized and said it would be done that day or I'd get a call. I still didnt get a call, nor was it fixed. I had a friend come fix it for me. I was very angry. All in all, I would not recommend these apartments.. not even for first time renters.

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                                  Resident 2011


                                  Not The Best...Maybe For First Time Renters

                                  Since the transition of management companies, new management staff (specifically asst mgr) is not friendly or nice. Looks stressed. That translates to unfriendliness to residents. Property is still a newer property, however the upkeep is not being maintained at the level as the previous management company. Thus, qualities are downgrading to previous standards. Curbside trash pickup is included in the lease of residents, however they new mgt sent a notice they would not continue this. REALLY?! Noise levels are at an all time high as a result of thin walls. Invest in either earphones to hear what you are trying to hear or great speakers to overshadow neighbors conversations or heavy-footed overhead walkers. Bottom hear everything!!! Expect to see large dogs, and I mean very large dogs and hear their barking too. As for the breezeways, all I can say is dirty!!!! If the function below works properly, I'll upload an image. Bulbs blown go unattended until a resident reports this. Does maintenance maintain or wait to be told to maintain?? DUHHHH?! For previous renters or homeowners, it's "Not the best...maybe a place for first… See More>
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                                    Resident 2008 - 2011


                                    Not Home

                                    The new management arrived in the first quarter of 2011. Since then it hasn't felt like home living here. I feel intruded upon and left out to dry. Someone mentioned the concert in the middle of the week on a Wednesday. Now I don't know what level or -------- you have to be to think tenants would enjoy a concert in the middle of a work week, but that's what we have here. The halls stink with the trash left outside of people's doors. I found a possum eating the neighbor's trash one night. There are supposed to be fines for trash being left out, no fines. Nothing is enforced, the dog crap has been piling up, not to mention the proverbial. I am not renewing here and if you are looking for a new place to live and want to pay a higher price (in all areas), by all means. There will be at least four vacancies soon that I know of. The new management does not understand that it's not just about getting people to live here, it's about keeping the "home" mentality.

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                                      Resident 2009 - 2011


                                      Not a Place to Live

                                      This community is very noisy, and much dirtier since the new management moved in. Trash is often found in the corridors and around the dumpster. The staff pretends to be willing to help but actually work against your interests. It is noisy, and recently on a Wednesday night there was a concert at the pool area that was so loud you could hear it behind closed doors 3 buildings away. Do these people not realize that some of us come home after a long day at work? Parking is absolutely wretched. Many have to park on dirt on an adjacent property and the management simply doesn't see this as an issue. Neighbors allow kids to scream and run up and down the stairwells and yes, the walls are very thin. Expect to be nickled and dimed and your concerns to receive lip service only. There are so many other nice and suitable choices in the area. Do not rent here.

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                                        Resident 2011


                                        if you are a normal considerate person like consideration returned... dont!!!

                                        These apartments are now called SoHo parkway after an acquisition by Sherman residential. By how a former coworker hated living in another Sherman residential community, (TRIBECA) I already knew this wasn't going to be fun. The apartments themselves are nice.. large kitchen, large closets. The walls are thin and if you have a neighbor like mine you will need to sleep in your living room. The way they are layed out, your living room wall shares your neighbors bedroom wall. Before the new owners we had curbside trash pickup and now they took that away and are still charging for it. I heard from another resident, after he called, that they are trying to lie and say that it costs $15 an apt for the city trash charges.. BS!! The only parking that's halfway reasonable covers 1/4 of the complex, the rest of us are stuck with fighting for spots and finding that the towing company they hired to tow the non resident cars are not towing now. The car owners that were towed complained and whined because they beleive they are exempt from being a considerate human and not taking the residents parking. The pool situation in the… See More>
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                                          Resident 2009 - 2011


                                          Noise and parking

                                          Very poor insulation. Expect to lose heat and AC. Can hear neighbors simply talking below and all around. Do not live under a garage unless you want an extremely annoying wake up call in the morning. Limited parking. Unable to walk to anything (parks, trails, stores, etc.). I would not move here if you have young children. In the summer, the pool turns into a college drinking fest. The staff is great!

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                                            Resident 2010


                                            Must be lucky

                                            I must be lucky with my neighbors. I hardly ever hear them... Occasionally I will hear the upstairs people walking around but it's at reasonable hours. Living in an apartment you have to be aware that it isn't going to be completely silent. Think about growing up at your parents house with siblings. I could always hear their stereo, etc. So there is going to be some degree of noise no matter where you are. I completely agree with the parking fiasco! Hopefully the new system will help with some of those problems. Other than parking I love my apartment. It has more amenities/upgrades than any other complex in the area for the price!

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                                              Resident 2010


                                              Can't wait till my lease is up

                                              I have been here for two years the first year was great quite and nice plenty of parking. My second year has been the worst.Very nosiy community. Just say if you are young, with no children, in college, who dosen't have to go to work in the morning, or doesn't mind finding a parking space come here you will love it.And oh yea!! FYI I pay almost 200 dollars more than what it is going for now. So when I move out you can have my unit for 200 dollars less than what I'm paying now.Now thats a deal!!

                                                Review Author Icon


                                                Resident 2008 - 2010


                                                Parking and maintenance is enough to say no!

                                                I've lived at the Alexan for almost a year. Parking is a nightmare, no assigned parking, i feel unsafe having to park in the apartment complex next door to walk to my apartment by the pool. Maintenance is finding reasons to come into your appartment atlease a few times a month, often unannounced. They had damaged some of my things while doing patio repair that I was'nt informed about because they did'nt "technically" come in my apartment, they were just on the patio. I can also hear the baby crying in the apartment above me every single morning. It's a beautiful apartment and I have enjoyed the office staff. I will not be resigning my lease because of parking and mainenance.

                                                  Review Author Icon


                                                  prospectiveVisited 2010


                                                  rude staff = me leasing next door

                                                  I visited this complex back in December to look for an apartment to move into this month. I walked in and had to search for the office to interrupt the two ladies working there in the midst of a gossip session to try to get someone to help us. They both acted like they had something better to do. After liking some of their features (attached garages, hardwood flooring in the family, ect.) better then all of the others visit I couldn't possibly lease from them because of how rude they were so I now live next door and love it. My advice if you are visiting this property, please go next door after to see how different they treat you. Trust me... if someone is going to be that rude at the start just imagine how rude they will be when you have a problem... To the staff... try to stand up a great someone when they come in... also try being polite because you can have all the features you want but I'd take less features at a high price before I would move in with a staff like yours To management... consider hiring some friendly people in your… See More>

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                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Fee: $400
                                                    Rent: $20
                                                    Restrictions: Breed restrictions apply.
                                                    Comments: One Pet $400; Additional Pet $200 $20 Monthly Pet Rent per pet
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths
                                                    3 Beds, 2 Baths

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                                                    Soho Parkway Apartments is a 747 - 1,501 sq. ft. apartment in McKinney in zip code 75070. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $900 - $2,500. Nearby cities include Fairview, Allen, Prosper, Melissa, and Frisco.

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